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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Some great suggestions here :slight_smile:

I’m taking a little leap here, but I use an iPad as a freely configurable midi generator (think Lemur) and the Shuttle Control - 16 freely configurable outs and a whole host of built in functionality - it really is an extraordinary combination! I guess it comes down to if you like playing the glass or not! I do :slight_smile:

Also, the Octatrack, again with midi/cv conversion via the Shuttle Control or Yarns.

In the modular itself, I’m still working all this out and keep changing my mind, the ER-101/102 combo of course! But also Blinds for offsets, Batumi/Samara for phased LFO stuff and everything else this amazing combo can do! Stillson Hammer, Knobs, Maths, Kermit, Double Andore etc… I realise these are not controllers in the traditional sense, but they do allow for an awful lot of playability :slight_smile:


I’m a big fan of Monome Ansible. I use it with both grid and arc. Also have an Eloquencer on the way, and I love the Teletype + Telex expanders. Sometimes sequencer/controller concepts get a bit blended in my mind.


Yep - same here :slight_smile:

Stillson Hammer mk][ is particularly useful and playable in this regard!


Great control modules that I’ve used with the 301;

Qu-Bit Contour
Mutable Frames
Intellijel Quadratt 1u (I run 3 of them)
Expert Sleepers ES8 & FH1
Ornament & Crime


I’m using:

  • meng qi voltage memory
  • mutable instruments frames

then several modulation and rythmic sources (octocontroller, maths, peaks, random generators, addac heuristic rythm generator).

so fun!


Just got the Noise Engineering Variatic Basicus for 6 manual gates. Really helps with looping :slight_smile:


The Rossum Control Forge is a dream come true for modulation - just be warned that it’s not as immediate as some of the less complex options.


i’ve been using monome arc and teletype + whimsical raps just friends.


My modular is called the Chaos Robot. I frequently set up feeddback patching between a couple oscillators and a shift register, and use a comparator between two sub outputs as a trigger to clock the shift register, and other things in the system, and then turn a sin wave output into a pitch CV. So that’s kind of where I’m going with the 301; feedback loop controlled generative hiphop/avante garde. The basic patch draws its inspiration from the Benjolin, and then I patch more feedback loops into it, say with Batumi or the Chaos Brother, and add sample and hold. It comes out much more melodic than it has right to. Quantimator, Rings and Tides Parasite help smooth some things out.

Sometimes I use a MIDI keyboard, too. Squarp Pyramid through Vermona QMI MIDI-to-CV is pretty underrated as a modular controller.


I’ve been using the doepfer a164-1 (3 manual gates) as well as the Modcan Quad CV Recorder which I can use as four recordable offsets (I love this module). I do think I need to pick up some sort of footswitch controller to get more out of the looper which I find kind of hard to navigate in a busy patch.


My Flame C-3 knob recorder is just to the right of my 301 all the time. It’s great because it can act as three offsets or as 3 LFOs. Super handy.
Also the monome arc/Ansible is a fantastic combo. (as is the monome 128 and any of their modules) - walk is always just to the left of my 301 which I use to trigger loop recorders.


Some mpc style pads with gate/trigger and velocity cv out would be sweet!


Oh wow - don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but I have the Quneo - that will plug straight into the Shuttle Control! Going to have to try this - thanks for the inspiration!


Please feedback about the Quneo as I have the FH-1 and a Quneo


Sure, will do - I can’t see any reason for it not to work though, I’ve had it hooked up to the SC before and all is shiny!


great! very much need a straight forward controller like this.

touch slider is better IMO - less mechanical wearing off, and the possibility to make value jumps.


Nice. I’ve done something similar with my old korg padkontrol and Midi2cv module. It’s a lot of fun!


iPad w/ TC-Data to FH-1 is pretty fun


This sounds amazing… any estimate regarding price and availability? Would this be something to expect soon?


I use an Octal VC Switch for engaging, resetting, etc., the Looper: