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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Thanks for sharing. That does up the appeal indeed!


I’m frankly a bit surprised that amid all the praise of the FH-2 there’s been little hullabaloo for the ES-8 - I would think that MIDI control over the 301 parameters would be an equally enticing proposition.


Love the ES-8 so much that I expanded it a bit!


Hey @Joe, where did the generic TT/301 controller discussion end up? I read it recently but can’t find it here or on Lines? I want to start work on one and would love to add to the discussion too.


Nice–I expanded w the ES-6 as well, but have only done one project using the interface so far. I should really do another multichannel piece! How are you using yours?


It’s here. Been meaning to get back to this myself! :slight_smile:

Grid Ops Base Controller for ER-301


Wanted to report quickly that the Landscape All Flesh are great for easy use with the 301. Using @joe’s motion sensor unit you can easily switch gates etc and using the motion sensor and ADSR modulate things. These were just my first thoughts and requirements but I’m sure there many other uses. Or a cheap zero hp solution there’s nothing better.


I owned an FH-1 and was initially very happy with it, but ended up selling and getting the shuttle control. I suppose the new version has all the improvements I would have wanted but still, I’m happy where I am right now. I love the web editor for the shuttle control in tandem with the preset buttons. FH-1 was super tedious to set up and I always lost track of my scripts. Also the CPU option is just perfect for my micro system, and I never use up all the available outputs (mostly because of the size of my system I guess) so no expansion needed.


i never felt the need to change the default script of my fh-1, i tend to do the opposite, change the cc\note assign of my controllers.
super happy with it, use it with a hub, i usually keep a midi usb keyboard (mono or poly action, i just need to change midi channel to decide which out and if mono or 4 voice poly), a korg nanokontrol mk2 (i set it up so that both fader and buttons are the same cc for each channel, so i know that fader 1, mute 1 and solo 1 are sending on the first fh-1 out and so on, so that if i want a fader i use the fader, if i want a momentary i use the mute and if i want latching i use the solo button) and a usb mouse i can use as x-y joystick and\or manual gates. i’m waiting for OS to possibly tweak the firmware to make it recognize a usb footswitch (HID device) i bought so i can use it for loopers (can’t wait :smiley: that will be the ultimate in er-301 control!!!)
i really never had troubles, just had to use the korg kontrol app to reassign midi cc’s\channels to my nanokontrol and voilà. full 301 control. i will surely buy the fh-2 sooner or later, given that i’ll be able to use the fh-1 as expander or use them independently when needed!


i’d like to add these to the list:

got two of them. pretty happy (will probably get more…)
right now

  • i am using 1 as manual offset generator/
    rotary mixer for 6 sampler ‘bands’
  • the other 1 is distributing random/sine-lfo sources
    to unipolar/bipolar/invbipolar wich are going to multiples…

but i hope you can see all the other use-cases that felix
will help with…


are there advantages to using the addac 304 over 305, with the er-101. i would just prefer latches

i expect to have one of these, a levit8, and perhaps a stages by the time the module arrives. the stages documentation doesn’t do the best job of defining it, but pretty sure it’ll fill a whole in my rack (no sequencer or really envelope generator)


I went for the momentary version so I could record triggers and gates.
For the loop on gate functions you can turn those signals to latches inside the er301. Though you won‘t sense the state on the interface…


Hmm, I’m guessing that a unit can be set up to be switched both on then off by sequential rising trigger.

Looks like a counter will do this.

Then you could maybe invert offset a latch, perhaps adding a slight delay, and mix that result back in with the unmodified latch signal, to turn a latch on off into two rising triggers… would depend on whether a jump in signal, from when overlap when both results are high, counts as another trigger
… I don’t have the module yet to try.

I might keep the 304, rather than having to buy a new 305… I have three mute switches anyway


I was looking at the ornament and crime and I can sense the passion enthusiasm for this module but it doesn’t seem to offer as much scope as you would like. Though it seems good value for money, and scope can mean different things


O_c hemisphere suite offers a great set of utility tools that I use in every patch. It has saved me hp and :money_with_wings: when I think to myself “if only I could do this or that with my cv…”


yeah, the logic and switches would be useful for me…

to adjust the pitch , simply move the cursor to a given slot, then turn the right encoder: this will increase or decrease the pitch in semitones (= step size: 1.00 ). note these values are pre-quantization , so the effect this has will depend on the chosen scale.

is the voltage available as you set the sequins sequencer, or only when running? volts / octaves mean little to me


I’m waiting for my arches which will definitely add to the playability of the ER-301. Lot’s of programmable sliders, sequencers, etc…:


looking forward to seeing some videos once you get it in!


well, i’d buy o_C right now even if it had just the copier maschine app.
i use it a lot.
references to tune my vcos
quantermain when i need 4 quantizers and\or turing machines\s&h’s etc…
copier maschine for analog shift register action
quadraturia for correlated modulations
piqued when i need extra envelopes
harrington and automatonnetz when i want to explore neoriemaniann music theory
all the rest when i just want to explore


people often don’t realize how many uses they can make of something simple like quantermain.
i mean, 4 sample & hold that can have various kind of random sequences is itself a more than valid reason to buy o_C alone!!!

and i’m one of those who are a bit unimpressed with hemisphere, but that’s highly subjective and surely the guy made a great work with that firmware! respect!