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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Thanks for sharing. That does up the appeal indeed!


I’m frankly a bit surprised that amid all the praise of the FH-2 there’s been little hullabaloo for the ES-8 - I would think that MIDI control over the 301 parameters would be an equally enticing proposition.


Love the ES-8 so much that I expanded it a bit!


Hey @Joe, where did the generic TT/301 controller discussion end up? I read it recently but can’t find it here or on Lines? I want to start work on one and would love to add to the discussion too.


Nice–I expanded w the ES-6 as well, but have only done one project using the interface so far. I should really do another multichannel piece! How are you using yours?


It’s here. Been meaning to get back to this myself! :slight_smile:

Grid Ops Base Controller for ER-301


Wanted to report quickly that the Landscape All Flesh are great for easy use with the 301. Using @joe’s motion sensor unit you can easily switch gates etc and using the motion sensor and ADSR modulate things. These were just my first thoughts and requirements but I’m sure there many other uses. Or a cheap zero hp solution there’s nothing better.