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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Really BAD question but I wondered how the ER-101 pairs with the ER-301. ER-101 seems a powerful sequencer. I am a slow doer / thinker, but its interface seems intuitive


Looks like I got my er-301 order in time: just before orders on all modules stopped until the new year! Went with a voltage block and ADDAC 304 for control… as well as a small O_c build, which might be fun


Lapsus os looks great for adding fader control to the 301… https://www.noiseengineering.us/coming-soon/


I am seriously intrigued by everything these folks are doing, but this one has me really interested:



I’m just getting to know my O_c. I just had a major YES moment when I switched to the Sequins app and sequenced drums on my Three Sisters (pinging and modulating), playing with the length of the two sequences and just constantly changing the values of the loop. So intuitive and fun, I love it. To think I was ready to get rid of the module, now I’m just so excited to explore all the possibilities. YEAH


Whooa, pretty intriguing! Are there any sound examples or demos?

… Seems like this is a sound generating device though, rather than a controller or interface “module” for the ER-301? So maybe not right at home in this thread.


I know it is a little off topic but perhaps a sound interface could deliver offset voltage as triggers or gates with a little tweaking?


hm, what did you not enjoy about it? it seems powerful: i don’t recall e.g. peaks being much like piques, there’s a lot of parameter control there – maybe i’m wrong. they should combine it with the flexibility of the disting!


The ER-301 is always my main unit in any system I put together, and I usually try to keep the menu’s and complexity of the modules around it to a minimum. Just because I have a limited amount of time to spend with my modular and I try to make it as enjoyable as possible. O_c was just a bit daunting I guess. Clicking buttons and diving into the menus again, I just left it alone and considered selling it without giving it a proper chance. But like I said, just jamming with one of the apps and experiencing the ease of use and speed of programming live won me over. In the end, if you just learn how to use the gear, well, that’s just where the fun starts.


i suggest experimenting with cheap piezos first. you can build yourself your own piezo contact microphones. i have plenty about. i give them as presents to friends :slight_smile: i sometimes do workshops to show people how easy it is to build a piezo mic.
basically you solder the signal cable to the ceramic part and the ground to the brass part of the disc. you solder a jack on the other side of the cable. that’s it :smiley:

another use for piezos is EXACTLY as cv controllers. i borrowed the idea from Ciat Lonbarde\Peter B.'s BARRE instruments.
they are piezo mics glued to slim wood bars. you press those bars and the piezos emit a voltage curve (usually S shaped).
i experimented with them gluing piezos to cheap plastic ikea tupperware. i usually use two: one on the box itself, one on the lid. connect one to an LPG or an envelope trig in, the other to an exponential fm in or v/oct in of a vco.
this way you can tap on the box to trigger the sound and squeeze the lid to modulate pitch.
you can do very convincing tablas with it!
i’ve been told tho that the piezoelectric effect might generate very very high voltages, but concentrated in a really short timespan (microseconds?), so it might be dangerous for your gear (i never had problems but don’t want you to destroy precious modules).
maybe a sort of buffer between piezos and modules might help


yeah, i am hoping to be the same, when i get the module


Oh I never heard that! Good to know :fearful:

I just dipped some piezos in lacquer paint for hydrophone experiments. I hope to do some juicy water sound looping performances with them, but apparently I should take care with the voltages!


no,wait! it does it only when you bend it. when you use it normally as contact mic there’s no problem!


i forgot i did this video :smiley:
my face is really stupid, but the sound is good!
here my tupperBARRE is controlling dpo’s pitch and optomix strike in:


That looks really interesting. I hadn’t thought of an application with the 301


Haha, I actually saw this once! The face tho :rofl: No seriously, it’s a good demo of the tuppercontroller :slight_smile: Interesting stuff.


very easy to diy! the hardest part was finding a glue that works on that type of plastic!!!


Finally, the (arches) arrived today!
I put it into this skiff along with my ER301. The ErbeVerb and the Elements are just covers and will be replaced with other modules I will need in conjunction with the ER301. Lots of fun ahead!!!


This looks like a winner:


Ojalá !!! :eye::rainbow::eye: