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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Very Octatrack! Somewhat similar to U-he’s Civilization. Looks great.

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anyone saw this?

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YES!!! I’ve been beta testing this one. It’s a home run. Ralf was very accommodating to user feedback, and it’s spectacular to use.



How’s the tactile feel? Can’t really tell, but in the video it kind of looked… Well, I’m interested to hear your take :slight_smile:



thank you so much for pointing at this!

was thinking just lately about making a horizontal fader module for the intellijel 1u below my er301, right besides a quadratt (which is a godsend btw).

since I suck at DIY, I’m probably going to use wobla with one of these https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=201396

edit: crap, wobbla is 3hp



Very nice! Any price idea out?



I think muffs said €345

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Yes, on Muff’s he’s posted more details. It’s 345 Euros: https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=212906

Great. Sturdy. It’s not a frictionless crossfader like the Octatrack, but the slight weight to it helps when doing precise recording. The encoders have tactile clicks. Turning them slowly gives you fine adjustments, while turning them quickly gives larger steps. The buttons feel like they’ll last. I should add that I’m using a prototype, but even then it’s a tank.

I ended up selling most of my other control modules, and this is now stationed right next to my ER-301. During beta testing, I suggested a “latch” mode to keep a scene in edit mode so that you could change values with one hand while auditioning notes with a keyboard (or, in my case, the ER-301). He sent me a new firmware two days later with that in place.

You can save the state of the module to memory. There are 8 banks, each with 8 scenes.

One of my favorite features is that you can record the fader (up to 20 seconds) and then modify the physics parameters after the fact. I’ve found some very surprising sounds by changing the friction and bounce parameters after I’ve recorded.



Sounds sublime. Thanks for the details!



Just wired up this passive joystick. Requires an input (5v from shuttle control for my purposes). Spits out an x, y, and 2 buttons (on stick and one on platform) provide a momentary bit (gate).



Mine turned up last week - it is absolutely brilliant!

If you have ever had a soft spot for the Octatrack this is the best (by far) implementation of the scenes / crossfader / interpolation approach in Euro - you will be delighted - highly recommended!!

Even just using 2 scenes feels like magic, it is accurate enough to do detailed ‘tuning’ - no compromises here!

This is my favourite controller yet - it’s ridiculously good :slight_smile:



I agree! It really is worth it.



this is really interesting but i feel like i can do very similar things with the Frames module, only with 4 channels and no scenes but with the addition of frames animation and the ability to generate cvs or pass them… anyway great concept and great design as well!



Yes it is kinda similar to Frames, I have had and enjoyed this module too.

It means nothing, it’s just my personal preference; but I do very much prefer this - absolutely no contest in my book :slight_smile:

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yeah, neither on mine :smiley:
i was just trying to convince myself i don’t really need this :smiley:



Hehe, you may as well give in now… you definitely need it :joy:



ok, I’m completely lost. just got my 301 about a month ago, its got the i2c port on the back, buddy built me a 16n, I got my i2c cable. I was under the impression that the 16n by itself and an i2c cable can control the 301, I don’t care about teletype or any other in between, I don’t have anything else, just 301 and 16n, can’t find any information on this anywhere, just a few threads talking about all this teletype crap. Also the female side of my i2c cable that connects to the 301 i2c males on the back of 301, which color goes to ground? white or yellow?
thanks for all the help,



If you are going to use DIY gear then please turn on your DIY mentality.

Have you read this?

It is not crap. :confused:



teletype is not crap, it’s crap that no one is mentioning how to simply set up a 16n to a 301, there’s all these in betweens and things I’m not using that people are talking about, sorry Brian I’m not a script lord and obviously am a dunce compared to anyone on this forum, thanks for pointing that out.



Where did I do that?