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Interface modules for the ER-301?


LOOK dude all im getting at is this in another thread, [quote=“x2mirko, post:81, topic:2461, full:true”]
As for how to connect it: You can just take a 3.5mm stereo jack, solder three wires to the ports corresponding to tip/ring/sleeve and then connect the other end of these wires to the ports of the ER-301 (see documentation for the ER-301 i2c connection and the 16n for which wire has to be connected to which port). No need for a telexb if you just want to connect it to the ER-301 (it’s a bit neater to use the telexb, of course).

How do the controls show up? There is a special device called SC.CV on the ER-301 which you can add to any chain. The device has a port setting (1…n) where the number corresponds to the fader of the 16n. So if you want to control a parameter using the third fader of the 16n, you can just go to that parameters sub-chain, add a SC.CV device and set the port to 3. The device will then transmit the current position of the fader as a “voltage” between 0V and 10V and you can use it just like any other signal in the ER-301.

You don’t need any programming. All you need to do is upload the firmware (which is available at the 16n repository) to the 16n via usb.

^^^^ this bloke here is telling me it’s really simple, and is the only thing I could find that is bread and butter simple


So this is how you treat people who are volunteering their time to explain these things?


Brian you are a squat, I literally started my initial comment in this thread with " im completely lost" and then you replied with a smart ass comment “if your use your DIY gear use your DIY mentality” Is this how you treat people who are literally telling you they are confused? Brian, I basically started out by saying IM LOST, and you said well maybe you should put the right parts of your brain to use, no shit? didn’t I just tell you those parts of my brain are lost? where do I find them Brian?


16n is an opensource hardware project. Everything is donated especially people’s time. We are all just figuring it out together. Hacking it together. This is called DIY mentality.

There is no nice all-in-one-place documentation because it is too new and changing too rapidly.


thanks for the help

  1. Check with your buddy if he soldered in the two pull-up resistors (R17, R18) that are necessary for the direct i2c communication between the 16n and the ER-301. Also check if he set the 16n firmware to be in master mode. If he did not, have him help you fix these things (how to do that is explained here, but he should be familiar with that if he built the thing).

  2. Look at this page and go through the “Required Hardware Connections” section. Connect the 16n just as it is described for a Teletype.


well that took off pretty fast. i have to say tho, having just fought my way thru to seeing the 16n signals on the 301, i understand where you’re coming from.

one quickly ends up using a couple of days troubleshooting without a real target, as i did, and then must hat-in-hand appear here asking frustrated questions that just frustrate the ones in the know because of their extreme vagueness. since one just does not know what to ask. and the information needed is in 5 different places. but as Brian said, it’s all moving and getting developed as we speak. but it’s worth it for the 16n, it lets one use the 301 to it’s full potential, i had the jacks maxed out for months, not able to implement new ideas.

calling people names tho, or calling threads with hundreds of thought out posts crap just really isn’t the way to get help, nor is it the way anyone wants us to roll on this particular forum.

EDIT: oh you got suspended. well there we go. anyway for the 16n look at x2mirko’s suggestions, additionally i found i needed still to flash the firmware with teensy loader on mine before it agreed to work. (use a DATA USB cable!)


Thanks for the help, really appreciate the response! Other than just telling me to use my brain :slight_smile:


I strongly suggest to maintain kind and positive attitude towards (extremely busy) members of this gem of a community. They have given us instruments that I’d never think would even be possible. No need for obnoxious nicknames and anything like that. Keep it clean and professional please.


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Oh man. I guess I was right to trust my intuition on this guy. I think I will leave these posts here to remind myself.


I think it’s the same dude who went off the scale on muffwiggler to? it’s not the vibe needed on such a supportive forum.


Weird how consumer electronics get people worked up.