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Interface modules for the ER-301?


If you don’t need the latching pads, you can use them as looper ‘recording’ indicators by wiring like below. When a looper is engaged by touching the momentary pad, the latching status lights above will hold red until you press it again, giving you a “record” light!

Depending on how the loopers are when you start the patch, if they’re behaving backwards, just press the affected latching pad once to inverse it’s behaviour.

PS: CV to ER301 would be the left-most connection of each momentary.




Uhoh… ok maybe! :nerd_face:


Great idea, @NeilParfitt :thumbsup:. I had been doing this “blind”. Here it is wired up (no sound): https://streamable.com/3f79j I think there may be a small bug in the sample recorder–right at the start, when I engage, it starts recording for a short moment, even though I haven’t punched in.

The buttons at the bottom left of the Octal Switch map to the rest, engage, and record controls of the sample recorder.


It might be because you’re using the right connection to the 301 instead of the left? If that’s the case I think the gate may change after you release the button vs immediately upon touch?


I’d email Danjel - that seems like an odd design choice, especially from him…


He did! There was a solder bridge that was causing the unwanted behavior.


Holy Toledo! I think I’d run into that Livewire vc octal switch previously and discounted it because I didn’t understand the Not functionality it has. That thing is a monster. I think I need one now. Thanks, @NeilParfitt. (Meant both sincerely and sardonically.) :money_with_wings:



Back on this topic. I was discussing with my friend André from ADDAC System the lack of simple manual gate utility modules on the market, which are quite handy for the ER301. We have Noise Engineering Variatic Basicus (6 manual gates) and the VC Octal Switch, which is considerably more complex than a simple utility module.
I’ve been performing with the ER301 since early May and I really feel I could use a module with manual gates to trigger some samples and work with the looper on the fly. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling this.

André liked the idea and is thinking of producing the following module, which I think a lot of us will find interesting and useful. Here’s a sketch:

I certainly find it interesting and I believe it’s a great addition to the reduced array of options so far. And those of you who know ADDAC are aware of the high quality of André’s products.

A 1U version and DIY kits might be possibilities as well, according to André (ideal for your couch system @odevices :smile:)

I just wanted to share this with you! If you’re interested get in touch with André (addac at addacsystem dot com)!


André’s great!

I’ll definitely buy one of those if he decides to go ahead with it :slight_smile:


Would have been funny if the model number had been ADDAC301 :wink:


eheheh. sure it was!

But it seems it has been taken:



the addac module looks great, i hope it will be possible to change
the behavior of the gates to latch, toggle, trigger etc


I believe the idea is to do something very simple. But feel free to mail André! :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on a custom “performance controller” module design with Jason Lim (ex qu-bit) and we are getting closer :wink: It will have manual gates/triggers and CV outs and a few other tricks…


for manual gates wondering if you could use something like this - http://www.landscape.fm/allflesh/


Thanks for sharing, these look really interesting, at first I thought they were peizos but perhaps not!? I ordered some anyway, $26 for 10 seems reasonable :slight_smile:

I’ve been using an Octatrack for this kind of interactivity, this works well for both live triggering and recording those triggers. I also have a Quneo that I really need to patch up through the Shuttle Control for live stuff. I guess whatever you do could be recorded as sequences in the ER-301 using the Looper Unit.


definitely very interesting. not a simple utility module though! :slight_smile:


seems really nice but maybe a extension cable would be necessary to use it with the ER301, right? the input jacks on the ER301 are very close to each other


The 301 is not a simple module so IMO it could benefit from a multi functional controller :relaxed: