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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Definitely. Every module has its space, of course. And your idea looks really great.

I was just mentioning because my post was aiming towards those who, like me, need simple and affordable manual gate modules and there seems to be a big gap on the market on those! :slight_smile:


Horstronic Arcade Button looks fun, I can imagine half a row of these things :smiley:



I was thinking I’d use one or more of the 8 drum trigger outs on my Beatstep Pro for this purpose when my 301 arrives. But you now have me wondering if a trigger signal might be too short for some of the places I’d want to use it (e.g. punch function on the sample recorder).


You can use a Tap Tempo unit to convert triggers to gates of arbitrary length and I believe there are Gate to Trigger and Trigger to Gate Units coming :slight_smile:

ER-301 got your back :nerd:


Dumb question: what are the input-output pairs for? The button passes through the input to the output?


the pulp logic fsr tile makes for a nice, small, manual gate with added expression via the pressure cv out.



I believe that, when a cv source is connected to the input, pressing the button “opens” the output (gate). So button pressed = cv source goes out, button not pressed = mute.

That can be usefull as well!


Of course - perfect for bursts, trills and the like! nice :slight_smile:


yes, and with 8 channels you can surely dedicate some to that role and still have plenty to trigger stuff on the er301


have we not mentioned pressure points/brains/analog memory?

I’ve been using my pressure points and just ordered 4 LS1


Been having fun with this for controlling a few parameters…

You can select different LFOs between each expression output (3) and they also sync to incoming midi clock!


Having that plus a buddy module that was just a bank of six or so offset generators would be amazing.


I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and right now, the most interesting ones for me:

  • Intellijel Tetrapad (I know, not a lot of details just yet, but it’s basically a Pressure Points and Lightstrips rolled into one, plus more)
  • Erogenous Tones Levit8 (Horrible naming conventions, incredible bang for buck)
  • Frames (Have one on loan, but I’m not totally convinced it’s what I’m after)
  • The ADDAC gate module described above

The Voltage Block is something I’ve been circling round like a hyena. I know this is backwards thinking, but I’d have loved it to have at least one gate output. Without a Varigate, it seems a bit crippled… Or what do people who use it think?


It’s becoming a reality!

(note: according to André the labels are switched due to a factory error. the latch version is the one with the white buttons and the gate version is the black one. it should be fixed soon)


Okay, I think I’ve found my ideal interface modules. Erogenous Tones Levit8 for a ton of offsets, and an Antimatter Launch Codes. That thing is PERFECT for triggering the loopers and so forth - you can actually have a track or two sending quantized triggers to loopers, while the rest of the tracks spew trigger sequences. Manual gates also available, at the same time as sequenced gates. <3


The forthcoming Four Bricks Rook from Shakmat Modular should be a great trigger/gate source a well :sunglasses:


This looks ace :smiley:


Yep, that’s also very very nice :slight_smile: Seems to be forthcoming very soon, too!


what about launch codes? triggers, momentary gate, or latched/toggle gate voltage outputs, selectable per each of the five channels.


These look pretty nice:

3 gates?
https://www.modulargrid.net/e/joranalogue-audio-design-push3 (says it’s a concept right now)

3 fixed CVs with selectable ranges:

The Ladik U-081 was mentioned before (that is the single fader).