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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Yes, the Launch Codes is what I’m getting. For me, it’s a good balance between price and features!


Here’s another interesting Ladik module, only 4 HP. It’s a dual attenuator or CV source. I’m a fan of Ladik - good stuff and super affordable.


Mutable Instruments Shades (3 offsets/mixing/attenuvertors)


Wow. That is super affordable.




here they are! My Manual Gates it’s on its way! Thanks André!


Nice one, I bought the Gates version :+1:


Amazing… to go from an idea to a finished and available product in this time is impressive!


The reason I went for the Gates version was that at some point I hope there is a clock divider unit & assuming there is then this can be used to make the gate input a simple toggle CV.




i have to say, the qubit tri-ger is also amazing.


Me too!


Yup launch codes works great to punch and engage loopers etc etc


How have the LS1’s been working for you and how exactly are you using them with the ER301?


Please get back to the group on how the Launch Codes works out for you after you get it.


@TimefireVR They work great for enabling loopers. Only issue is that they don’t latch (stay lit) so you can quickly forget if you engaged the looper or not.


I’m wondering if we could somehow get around that by having an option to allow punch in to be enabled only when the gate is high? Maybe @odevices could advise us here.


great. i use them for wet and dub in loopers and for vca offsets to bring in sections or tracks


I just recently got a Pittsburgh Modular Game System and while it’s not exactly an interface, it’s providing all kinds of really interesting random/semi random sequencing options to use with the ER-301. I think this module is a little underrated.

I think this is my favorite thread, haha. :smile_cat:


Good to know you’re liking the game system. I have had that in my cart a couple of times and ultimately abandoned. Just couldn’t quite convince myself whether I’d actually use it much or not. If you get a chance to post a video or audio track with it inter-playing with the ER-301, would love to check it out. :slight_smile:


Definitely! I’ll try to record something soon. So far, I’ve been using the Probability Machine to give me 2 random CVs and 2 random gates. I have these triggering manual grains and then going out of my modular into a Strymon Bluesky. It’s sounding so good that I might not need my Clouds and Nano Rand in my case for the time being. The Euclidean Rhythms is probably the next thing I want to explore more in depth, along with the Meteor Shower. The Music Sequencer, Drum Sequencer, and Time Traveler are the less random ‘games’, so this module has a nice mix of random/traditional modes.


Here’s a little clip I shot today: