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Interface modules for the ER-301?


I’m still undecided on an effective punch in device and while I seem to be leaning towards the ADDAC 304 gates solution, I don’t know what the benefit if any the 305 latches unit might do for me.

Edit: Finally read the description on the ADDAC site and see how Latches can be of benefit.

The Qu-bit Trigger unit seems appealing and I can find them used, but they are now discontinued. I new unit on the horizon?

YouTube channel musician Ebotronix uses a Telegraph Key (Morse Key) in his modular setup (but not for a punch in) and something like this looks like it would make for a practical solution as a punch in/punch out device. Anyone have some thoughts on how that could be accomplished and how to wire or modify the Key? I’m asking because it’s not at all apparent to me and my skill set.

I really like the idea of the Telegraph Key as the trigger device as it would sit outside of my case, serve a single purpose, not take up anymore HP, and some of these keys are beautifully analog such as those from GHD though they are on the pricey side.


Sounds great! I like the ‘blinkenlights’ from the game system. :slight_smile:


The best punch-in interface I’ve found is the Monome Walk. It frees up my hands and makes the 301 feel more like a looper pedal.


I finally got around to testing the Arturia Beatstep Pro and using its drum sequencer triggers for punch in/out. It works perfectly, and there are 8 of them.

I know the BSP won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is a lot of functionality packed into this thing at a very good price point. I’m very happy with mine, and the 2.0 update that came out a month or so ago really put some sweet icing on that cake IMO.


Does the Monome Walk only act as a gate or can it latch also? This looks like a great solution that would only require 4hp.


It does both simultaneously :slight_smile: There are Momentary (gate) and Toggle (latch) outputs for both pedals. There are then two logical outputs (AND and XOR) that are based on the Momentary outs: http://monome.org/docs/modular/walk/


Okay, I finally got the Launch Codes.

It seems to be doing pretty much what I hoped it would do! In-sync triggering of loopers, manual triggering of stuff, etc.

Here’s a short video that’s really crappy but probably gets across the way I’m going to use the Launch Codes. Sorry for the image quality.

Here’s a few notes on what I’m doing:

Antimatter Launch Codes controlling the ER-301.

Channel 1 of Launch Codes triggers a Basimilus Iteritas Alter.
Channel 2 of Launch Codes triggers Reset and Punch of a looper on ER-301’s channel 1.
Channel 3 of Launch Codes triggers a sample player on ER-301’s channel 2. (this sample player shares buffers with the looper on ER-301’s channel 1.)
Channel 4 of Launch Codes sends triggers to a Shapeshifter, under 1v/oct control from elsewhere.

First I play a drum pattern on the BIA. Then I unmute channel 2 of Launch Codes, which makes the looper record what I just tapped in. After this, I just mute channel 2 of Launch Codes (so that the loop doesn’t get overwritten, let channel 3 of Launch Codes trigger the newly recorded loop.

Then I re-use the BIA, changing some settings and tapping a new rhythm on Launch Codes’ channel 1.

Last up, I trigger some dubby chords on the Shapeshifter using Launch Codes’ channel 4.

Sorry again for the production values, hope you get the idea!


This is a great thread. There seems to be quite a few options out there for engaging, recording and resetting the looper. However, would anyone care to recommend any options that give visual feedback as to the state of each function.

I see that Neil used the Octal VC Switch in some of his videos and illustrated how to set it up to get visual feedback. Are there any other options that give visual indication that you are recording across multiple tracks? Does the antimatter launch codes latch the light on its buttons and would that work?

Maybe the beatstep (pro) would be a way to do this, though that seems overkill, particularly as I already have a sequencer.

Thanks all.


Hmm! I will try this and report back. Great question.


Would be nice if Andre over at ADDAC could illuminate the buttons on the 304/305 which would then make them a perfect solution, for me at least.


I think that an awesome solution would be if Brian would implement an option for a momentary punch feature so that it only punches/records when the gate is high. Then you could use the latching gates module from Addac, for example.

Cc @odevices - please add an option for momentary/gate high punch to the list of requests. :slight_smile:


I don’t think the BSP will do this for you. It’s just sending a trigger (which does light a light for a split second) but not a gate or latch, so it doesn’t stay on.


Thanks, it wouldbe good to know - it’s on my radar!


That’s what I feared. There was one for sale quite cheaply locally, so it was forefront in my mind! Thanks


New video for the Four Bricks Rook, looks great:


Yes! Just watched it myself and looks like it is going to be a great companion for the 301. Been waiting a while for this one and cant wait! :grinning:


My Addac Manual Gates arrived today - working as expected. I like the feel of the buttons too!


Same here!


still waiting for mine!! :frowning:


I’m struggling between the Addac Manual Gates and the Octal VC Switch for a looper controller. I love the fact that (as you showed in 1 of your cool vids) you can setup the Octal VC Switch to indicate when loop record is on using the latching lights, so cool, and particularly handy when you have a lot going on.

However, with the Addac, you get more bang for the buck in less HP, but AFAIK there’s no way to illustrate loop rec being on or off.

Any thoughts out there as to why you might choose one over the other.

Here’s my modular as of now: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/361722

I would probably be replacing my 4ms DLD and radio music to make way for a Octal or Addac and a joystick controller