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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Red and gray look rather nice together!


I sometimes wish there was an all-O|D system available. Tons of reasons, but first and foremost because I’d like a system made exclusively with Nostalgia-colored panels :smile_cat:


So, there’s a really interesting module from Korb called the Pusher, the panel has been redesigned since this video was made but this will give you some idea:

Here’s the new panel:

Some of you may have picked up on the fact that I am building modules for people from Thonk kits, and while this isn’t a kit, if there was enough interested I’d go through the process of sourcing all the parts and putting a few of these together.

PCB / Panel are 20 Euro, Mouser Cart comes to about £23 but also need to source the Nano (Prices seem to vary wildly so I’d have to check, but lets say £15), the force sensitive resistors (~$7 each) and the Thonk jack sockets (£0.40 each) and of course there would be VAT on top and possibly some postage costs to consider.

In total I’m estimating about £85 for the parts and around about £80 for the build, this is possibly a little high, but still makes for a very reasonably priced module and gives me a little lee way in case anything goes wrong I can absorb the cost not you.

All my work is clean, high quality and of course I’d guarantee it and provide support in case anything happened :slight_smile:

Anyone interested?


Hi @kel,

I might be. As you’ve most likely read, I’m currently looking at the Addac / Octal VC switch / gate modules to control looping in my ER-301. I’m leaning towards the Octal due to the visual feedback that the lights give you so you can see when you are recording over multiple tracks and not have to have them in view in the ER-301, nor have to fire them manually. Can the Pusher do this? I see there is a light, but can it be toggled on / off?




Hey Simon,

Good question, I’ve messaged to try and get a definitive answer :slight_smile:


I might be interested too, but I’m looking for visual feedback or sense certainty that I’ve engaged a gate/latch so I’m leaning towards the Octal or the Monome Walk as I could use a pedal and know that I’ve toggled an event and then untoggle it. From what I can see with the Pusher it is a manual gate that I have to hold for the duration of the event I want triggered, such as Punch.


Yeah, I think it’s more meant as an expressive interface rather than a toggle/latch thing, why bother with FSRs for a toggle right? But it is Arduino based so anything is possible - perhaps an alternative firmware even!


Hmm the more I’m looking at these (and without having had the need of doing too much hands on playing of the 301 myself yet) the more curious I am to what rethinking monome ansible + 128 might work out like. kria and meadowphysics are both beautiful but repurposing ansible/grid for handling gates and toggles might be cool.


Hmmmn, I have 2 foot pedals, so the monome walk could be an option too, I hadn’t really considered it. So you would be able to control 2 loopers at the same time using 2 foot pedals. Just to confirm, the light would toggle by way of visual indication?

EDIT: Does anyone know of a retailer in the EU who sells them - Google isn’t turning up that much (I did find 2 places that charge close to 200 euro! ouch)



ADDAC has a latch version! :slight_smile:



Thanks, I had seen that one. I am not sure if it gives a visual indication though - do those buttons do not light up? That’s what I am looking for, something that gives a visual cue!


Regarding the Monome Walk; no lights that I’m aware of, but we do have the tactile sense of where our foot is and if the pedal is up or down.


Walk has both momentary and latch at the same time and works really well. There are lights. I use the momentary output to trigger punch on a looper and the latch light stays on. Then another momentary gate turns the punch off and the latch light goes off.


Thanks @jonny you just cemented my decision.


I am also wondering if the latch version of the addac has led buttons.

Escape from noise sells the monome walk.


With a latch, the first press would leave it on, but pressing again to release wouldn’t have the desired effect as the punch wants another gate to turn off.

AFAIK, the only way around this would be if Brian added an option to punch when the gate is high and deactivate punch when the gate was released.


Of course - this is a good point and changes the LED status requirements somewhat - I think it’s pretty unusual to have a trigger that latches just the LED!

There would need to be some way to reset it too I would imagine… a seemingly simple use case that could be problematic in use due to there being no feedback mechanism.


@odevices could this gate activate/deactivate become an option?


It would be great to have. The only thing to note is that we’d probably want the front panel button behavior to stay the same.


Is anyone here using the Malekko Voltage Block with the 301? I’m considering it as modulation source, clocked and also in manual use with the 8 faders as attenuators. How is the latter working out for you? Since it only spits out 5volt i guess i have to attenuate the signal inside the 301… and unfortunately it hasn’t got any gate out (Varigate is too big for my case).