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Interface modules for the ER-301?


i’ve been using both the vg8+ and vb with the 301. as an attenuator, the channel output is just slightly under a full 0-5v. you can get pretty much the full range.

it’s an incredible combo. you won’t be disappointed w/ the vb.


I have been recently and the VB works great on both fronts for CV, sequenced and manual/offset.


Awesome! Thank you and @vasculator for the feedback.


Sure thing. Have you thought about pressure points?


Turns out they actually do light up when latched…
now if @odevices would find a way to somehow implement latching to engage the punch on the looper… :pray:
(also a bit off-topic: on a custom unit with a local link (gate or trig) to the punch in a looper there seems no way to visualize if the looper is recording or not… so another argument for a latch function?)

@tomk i have a pressure points but it is out of the case atm (downsizing), i’m not too fond of the touch plates and really not using the pressure outs at all, so i need something i get more use out… maybe the soon to come tertrapad by intellijel would be a fitting alternative to the pressure points, at least for me.


Perhaps try the Slope Detector to turn any change into a trigger?

It may be a little tricky to set up, and may require a bit of fettling, but in theory at least the upward voltage change from the start of the toggle and the downward voltage change of the end of the toggle should both be detected and turned into triggers.


Thanks, will try later and report.


Just returned from Knobcon and my ADDAC manual gates has finally arrived from Portugal! I can’t even touch this stuff till Wednesday. Ahhh!! People here who have one… loving it?


I’m suspect because I was the one that encouraged André to do it but it works as it should. Very handy module that now lives besides my ER301. I also use it with other modules (triggering changes in the doepfer sequential switch, for example)

The channels with inputs also allow cool possibilities!


ADDAC Manual Gates kits in stock at Thonk


I can build them for anyone who wants :slight_smile:


I saw… is there a build doc any where?


Not that I am aware of @jaypodesta, but it’s probably not necessary as it will be a straightforward build :slight_smile:


No doubt - but as I have just started building stuff I find a visual reference quite useful.


OK, sure, well, have a go, if you are unsure contact me directly and I’ll help!


Build doc for the ADDAC gates is up, looks like smd soldering - yay! I like that :slight_smile:

Seriously tempted, but not sure if I should save my cash up for a Four Bricks Rook … both looks great!


Four Bricks Rook is pretty fun out the box… clocked random modulating sequence length and another clocked random modulating ‘shift’ (windowing thru slices of total seq) has been refreshing (non static foundation)… here’s something sedate just messing with mutes while some channels are playing from live buffer and some from saved patterns…4BR .triggering 3 grains players sampling human vox and one kick (in one mono mixer chain)


Thanks for sharing @raws, but I’m not getting any audio for some reason, not sure if it’s me or not because my computer is making noise otherwise!


Sure! I knew that, but just tried in Firefox and it’s fine… no audio on Safari!

Looks like fun :smiley:

I am still very undecided, I’ve spent so long with the Octatrack and can program anything I like on that very quickly. I hardly use the audio side of it any more, but I am really struggling to find anything that can even compare to the midi sequencing side of it. I wish Elektron would release a reimagining of the A4 as a multi channel CV sequencer (no synth sounds or FX just the sequencer and arpeggiator) with gate, cv and extra cv for each channel, that would be a dream come true! I know I can do very similar things with the ER-101/2 combo and it is amazing, but it’s the tactile buttons across the length of the sequence and the very accessible overview of what’s going on that I really like. I should just build my own.


Hah interesting! I also am a recovering Octatraquian. I recently sold my OT & Pyramid to cut the midi cord and force a deeper implementation of the 101/02… that being said… what you describe may be at hand…have you checked out the Eloquencer? May satisfy some of the Elektron yearnings with a bit of Cirklon in the mix.


I am having a blast focusing on the Manta / MantaMate as main interface for the er-301.