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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Thanks @raws Eloquencer is awesome for sure :smile:

The two sequencers I have are the ER-101/2 and the Stillson Hammer mk][ - also very inspired by the Octatrack (I had a nice chat with Scot about it) and it’s there for sure!

But it’s the form factor more than anything, those nice big buttons that are just the right spacing for two hands to punch in rhythms, or play them in all together, or pitch play one… it just suits me, I have quite big hands so Euro always feels a little small. I want to be able to work fast, I call it “chasing the lights”, it means I program the next rhythm in behind the one currently playing so the next time it loops round it’s already there. I always have it in infinite loop mode and often use odd numbers of steps, 7, 11, 15 etc… sometimes I do this live, sometimes I mute. Live recording p-locks by wiggling the knobs a bit like the motion recording stuff from Korg. And so on…

It’s amazing… it’s just midi and requires a Shuttle Control / Mate and all the setup, not that it’s hard, it’s just a break from the flow if I need to change the setup.

If it had those 16 programmable cv outs directly on the machine I’d be completely happy, it’s literally the only shortcoming. I am not complaining at all, I just want to eliminate that theoretically needless step.



Getting closer…


That looks great @bc3 :smiley_cat:

I think I can have a reasonable guess at how it works just from looking at it - which is probably a really good sign - good work!

Care to share any details?

Is this something you are making that will be available to us mere mortals? :wink:


I just heard that the original and new Octatrack are getting the conditional trigs from the Analog [sic] machines! :smiley:




Maybe I just have to accept that midi is just part of my world and the answer is to get a second Shuttle Control & Mate - 32 freely programmable cv out with nice midi steps eradication!?

I am starting to realise that 32 may be my new 16!


Thanks! Scroll up to the 2nd post in this thread for planned features on the module :yum:

I just came up with the concept and panel design while Jason at Instruo is doing all the heavy lifting. It will most likely be a custom order module that you can reach out to Jason to order. Once it is ready I will update the feature set here for anyone interested!


Oh wow… yeah - quite a while ago that huh!

Sounds great, and a very useful companion to the ER-301 - wishing you all the best for it and please do keep us informed. I would love to see a video of it in action when it’s up and running :slight_smile:


This evening I read a long forum post (699 entries) over on llllllll.co about the development of the Telex expanders for the Monome Teletype, it was an incredible living document following the community’s involvement with helping shape how these devices would function. It would be great if you and Jason were able to be a little more active in showing the O|D group more about the details, progress, and future of the module you guys are designing.


ooo that module looks like it’ll be great!


Absolutely awesome. Jason from Instruo is a great guy. I recently bought a Harmonaig from him and discussed a custom cv to midi converter to play my prophet 6 with it.

So cool that you can essentially design your own custom modules with him. Also like to add his quotation for the custom work was very reasonable.


Looking forward to this. How many hp?




I have been as forthcoming as I can with updates when I receive them from Jason. He is a small operation doing custom designs but is also developing many other modules for production release. I’m sure he will have some news on the controller module very soon and I will update here as soon as I receive word :sunglasses:


Thanks. :slight_smile:
I just had another look on the pic of the module you posted before and i’m very curious of the sequencer function. I guess it will be pressure points+brains style, with 8 steps of clocked voltage coming out of the sequencer output?
It would be super awesome if one could record the individual fader movements in relation to the clock (stepped or slewed), say press rec > move slider > individual cv out, and maybe the fader then functioning as attenuator to the recorded cv. And while we’re at it, hammer in some trigs, quantized to the clock… the general purpose fader setting the sequence length.
One can dream :sweat_smile:


And one can learn and build this stuff :wink:

edit: I realise this can take years… but hey that’s exactly what I am doing and I am three years in and doing fine… I reckon any time now, ok maybe another year! :smiley:


Four Bricks Rook wins… everything - it’s incredible!

If you want pure programability, quantisation or not, morphing between tables, fills, mutes and pattern length with rock solid response to clock, even weird time divisions, 4BR nails it.

Shakmat have managed to succeed where everyone else has failed* for me, it could be an OT killer - the final nail in the coffin!

Edit: *failed is harsh… I mean ‘fallen short’ :wink:


I know, that thing is just as good as I hoped it would be.

What do you mean OT killer?


OT = Octatrack :wink:

I’ve been playing with the idea of dropping MIDI from my setup, but it’s not easy.

I still don’t know, OT got some powerful chops and the new OS (due for release any day now) will include the probability stuff!


For sure. The OT is great as a backing track (or 8) both from samples from your modular or other sources, but also as 8 midi tracks powering your modular as well. Doesn’t have to be sounds, but could also be driving all sorts of modulation. Each of the 8 midi tracks (and 8 audio tracks) have 3 freely assignable LFOs as well.

When all will be said and done, I’ll have 4 (5 if I keep the yarns) sequencer sources. Like VCAs, assuming you have places for them to work, I don’t see it ever wrong to have many.

Below is a picture of how I have mine setup. I’m missing a ton of stuff still (2 x 101s, and a 102 for example) but I’m getting there. The Polyend Poly module being able to act as a USB client as well as a host means I can even get the computer involved for sequencing. Not somethingI really want to do, but I think for the amount of money all of this costs a bunch of features you don’t need are great.

Here is the end goal:

Anyway all of this just to say, don’t pigeon hole yourself unnecessarily. Midi is still great.