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Internal CV recorder + animator



+1 Since the Pedal Looper was released, recording internal or external CV is super easy for on the fly wiggling!


Yes, it does work well! I’m currently working (read philosophizing, since I’m not at my rack right now) on a system that would allow me to use the same CV source for sourcing many different CV loops in a patch, but without overriding or triggering other (inactive) loops. I’m struggling to put it into words :thinking: The goal is having an ER-301 drum rack with some samples ready to go, and an ADDAC Manual Gates to control both the CV pedal loopers and the recorded triggers. I want to activate one looper without activating the others, and record one rhythm for that one sample, then move on to the next, and using the same buttons I want to record the next round of triggers for that sample. So each button would always have the same function but the target would be different depending on the context. “Traditionally”, I would have patched different gates for different sample triggers and different loop controls, but that would require way too much physical patching and remembering which gate triggers what and where. This is sort of a follow-up of the prior request for a built-in on-the-spot CV recorder I guess, since that would solve the riddle immediately. But I think it could be solved with a global chain receiving the CV source and some sort of on/off toggle on the different loopers and sample players that would pass CV through or not? Seems complex though :sweat:


Woooow, looks like @hyena is waaay ahead here Drumma! loopable, realtime drum units bundle :) I’m curious if this real-time drumming feature is actually achieved with one CV source like I was thinking of in my last post?


hello @Bparticle! not in this version but it is something i was thinking about :slight_smile:
it seems like we have very similar ideas in mind!
i think that the er-301 is really opening our minds thanks to the collective effort and the awesomeness of the module itself!


joe’s motion sensor is also something really worth exploring for its incredible immediacy and usefulness in this context


Oh yes, this is all brilliant, thanks for those units can’t wait to try them!

The thing with me is whenever I see a video starring some sort of one-trick-pony device I think “I can probably achieve this with the ER-301”. The challenge then is to streamline the patch in a way that it feels like you have actually built an entirely new machine with its own user interface and workflow. I feel that’s what you’re doing with the drumma! too. One advantage of really knowing a piece of equipment is building the body memory and finger reflexes and that’s why I’m thinking of this one CV source challenge: so you’re always blindly drumming on the same buttons to record or do what you need to do.


yes i totally get you.
in the close future i will upload another cu that i’ve been working with, just need to streamline it from a UI point of view.
its another gate looper but with randomness in the recording\overdubbing area so that it’s always more or less recording something, if you play you fill the buffer in a clocked random way, when you stop playing it graudally erase the buffer but in a very organic way, events get sparser and sparser until there’s no gate left in the buffer. it sounds really good but i have to polish it to make it usable to everyone