Internal Sends

I’m looking for a way to achieve this kind of signal flow:

I tried cobbling something together with mixer units, but didn’t get too far. If the mixer units could accept (non-input) signals from upstream, I think this would be very simple to implement, but unless I’m missing something that’s not currently possible. I suppose the new global chain feature might be one way to achieve the same effect, but I’m curious what else might work.

I demo’d this in one of the videos. You’d need two audio channels to achieve it - but it’s really easy:

channel 1:

Input to ladder filter

Channel 2:

Mixer 1 (subchain has input set to OUT1, add a VCA with CV control (send amount), then a delay unit at 100% wet)

Mixed 2: input source is OUT1 (or the channel 2 input could be set to OUT1

Channel 2 is your audio output to monitor…

Put your delay on a second channel, set the input of your second channel to be the output of your first (where the audio source is) :slight_smile:

Hehe, we’re cross posting again @NeilParfitt :smiley:

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It’s the art of procrastination!

I have so much work to get done today but I’m still being a lurker :slight_smile:

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Haha, yeah!! But it’s productive procrastination!!

For years I’ve maintained tasks that I know I should do, but probably never will because I don’t really want to do them - they are the perfect thing for making me do everything else - my productivity went through the roof when I started doing that :smiley:


Throwing ideas around:

Another thing you could do is encapsulate it into a custom unit as an effect unit -

have a bunch of custom controls grabbing IE: OUT1

Route them all however you want on the inside, have top level controls for balances or mangling intensity.

ALTERNATELY… Again… ahah… 0.2.5

You could have your synth sound source sitting on a global chain… and have custom unit inputs or subchains tapping that… and… the black hole of insanity continues! :slight_smile:

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It is insane - that’s a great word to describe this beast :smiley:

I haven’t tried it yet, but the Global Chain is almost certainly going to be perfect for self referencing FM feedback units - I am so excited!! :heart_eyes_cat:

Thanks for the replies. I definitely don’t want to chew up precious physical IO for internal routing tasks, especially for something as commonplace as effects sends. I’ll give the global chain thing a go, but I would greatly prefer a chain-local solution akin to the mixer unit.

I know what you mean, but hey - this is all on the cards, please don’t forget that the ER-301 is still under heavy development and has not reached official release status yet :slight_smile:

For sure. :cop: That’s why I’m chiming in now, before the header files dry.

I think I figured it out:

Clever patching. Looks like it could be a very useful setup if you want to approximate a mixing console. However, it doesn’t really achieve what I’m looking for in a general way.

Consider this diagram:

The top section represents a chain that contains some processing units, and the bottom represents the “main” chain. The send/receive pairs form what are essentially a “virtual patch cables” that could allow signals to be routed more or less arbitrarily within or between chains.

Global signals are a limited form of this kind of routing. I would like to see the concept applied more generally so that the tap and insert points can be placed anywhere.

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