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International store

Been lurking on here for some time since I realised that the one thing missing from my life is an ER-301 :slight_smile: Very excited about the module itself and the community around it.
I realize @odevices is a busy man and I see topics like this seem to go unanswered but I thought I would give this a shot all the same.

Is it known when the international store will open again? I do not see anything on the Japan Post site that says that EMS shipments are still closed. Maybe I am missing something?

EMS to 141 countries is still suspended. Here is the latest notice which hasn’t changed since beginning of July.

Of course, reopening international orders is at my discretion and only partially dependent on the Japan Post.

Just trying to avoid repeating myself. :wink:


Thanks for the prompt reply and sorry for my lack of patience! :slightly_smiling_face:
I dug a little deeper on the japan post site and saw the list of countries.
I suppose you would not consider a soft opening of the international store for the countries that are not closed if one accepts the delays that are inevitable?
I saw that my country Iceland is open for EMS shipments.

Sorry but I prefer to concentrate on development over dealing with the risks of international shipping in this environment.


Ok, completely understandable. I will try to exercise some patience. :slight_smile:


Thank you :bowing_man:


I just wanted to add in my voice here, and say I am between Vancouver, and also Berlin, and I have been waiting for over six months now for international shipping to open up.
Although I wouldn’t want to be annoying!

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Hello together, is there a mailing list if the international store will open again to buy a module?

One could always buy it used for a cool 1950 EUR/2300$ here :crying_cat_face:

…or not :slight_smile:

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One could also buy it used for a bit less. My impression is that they come up quite frequently and there is no need for too much dispair.


No dispair here, just thought it was funny :slight_smile:

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Aftermarket prices for the ER-301 on Reverb and EBay are now a joke. $2000, $1500, $1400.

At the end of the day I’m sure many of us in the prospective customer pool would rather pay a heavier premium to the developer than to sellers on Reverb.

Unsolicited suggestions— charge more, add a lengthy waitlist, share information on upcoming timing and availability.

Prospective customers would be able to deal with all of those things.

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I find it hard to believe that anyone who has to work for a living would pay those amounts. So I see them as just more internet entertainment/craziness to be ignored. I recommend everyone to do the same.

Let me get this v0.6 firmware out the door first and then I will address these questions. I need the time and mental space at the moment.


All great responses. Thanks for taking the time.

The platform is clearly worth waiting for and contributing to— and the community that has been built is a strong intrinsic value add.

Looking forward to eventually joining the owner pool and contributing to the ecosystem.


Please give your heart a kick and open the store.


I hope “give your heart a kick” is an endearing idiom in some language :slight_smile:

As i’m not an english native speaker i do best in my language.
Do also!

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Hello Brian, any idea yet when the international shop might be opening again? Prices on the second hand market are insane at the moment.

Also in the market for an ER-301 in US. Although I’d be perfectly happy buying used, I’d much rather send money to Brian and refuse to support price gougers.

Message to prospective buyers: Contrary to what some anonymous persons might be trying to claim, I definitely plan on reopening international orders in due time. My plan is to take a long hard look at my currently broken (by COVID) order fulfillment and shipping process AFTER I have the ER-301 v0.6 firmware out in the wild. In the meantime, let’s support our local module makers!