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International store

Wait a minute, there are local folks who can build me my second er-301?

You got me there! :laughing:

What about 101/102 for sale to US buyers? Regardless of 301. Thanks!

From what I can tell the issue is the shipping, not that it is the 301 vs the 101.

Sure, but since he mentioned waiting for .6 fw on the 301 i thought it might be tied to the 301… Thanks.

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Hello Brian,

i will not bother you but any idea when the international shop will open.
You know new year, new luck :wink:

Brian stated earlier (multiple times) that v0.6 firmware is coming before the store will reopen. Perhaps after v0.6 would be a more appropriate time to ask about the store.

Thank you. He is now rolling out v0.5 i’m right?

v0.5 is released and I believe it is complete despite never being indicated as a stable release. I can say from experience that it is very stable and nearly everyone should be using it.

v0.6 is still a work-in-progress and will apparently be focused on making it easier to share user-created content.


That’s correct! Thank you @desolationjones :bowing_man:


I’ve got my money saved for the ER-301 and an MPC Live II on the way, but I can’t give in to the scalpers D:

I have got some free rack space waiting for a ER-301. I am eager to get one too. :smiley: Hopefully that will all soon change.

Long time lurker, waiting to become owner/contributor once that 30HP gap can be filled! Patience is a virtue! :slight_smile:

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Nice to meet you all.
I placed an order but haven’t heard back yet and can’t wait.
I also have sweet sixteen and NerdSeq on hand.
Can’t wait to play!

Brian is working on v0.6 while things settle a bit more with shipping during everything going on in the current crazy world! I’m in the same eagerness boat to get my hands on one, but just sitting patiently knowing it’ll be worth the wait :slight_smile:

Glydez - When you run a business its normal updating customers placing orders - no matter what the situation in the company is.

True, although I’m pretty sure Brian (@odevices) has reached out to anyone who placed an order before the international store was closed (assuming that it’s not a Japanese order or a third party seller, placed since). Probably best to contact him directly if unsure @Plugman :slight_smile:

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The international store is closed at the moment. So there is no way for an international customer to “place an order”. If you are a domestic customer, than you have sent me an email via the contact form requesting information on how to purchase. In which case, I am a bit behind on replying to those. I apologize! :bowing_man:

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Carefully ask once again when open the store thins 0.6 firmware ist out?

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Lol just wait