Introducing the O|D Wiki!

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There is nothing in it yet except a place for ER-101, ER-102 and ER-301. I mainly created it to serve the needs of the ER-301 but I thought I might as well include areas for the other modules as well. The idea is that ER-301 documentation should reflect the open-ended nature of its firmware. It’s a place to aggregate knowledge, tutorials, walkthroughs, trouble-shooting, and specifications on each module.

If you would like an account to edit the wiki please PM me or post in this thread. I will be adding stuff myself, as well as commissioning others to write proper articles with serious-looking graphics.

The wiki uses the same software that Wikipedia uses, so I hope I chose the right platform.

I have great hopes for the wiki. :baby:


This is a much better idea!!!

Yes of course - add me please :smiley:

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I was hoping you would say that.

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Thanks @anon83620728 for proposing this and @odevices for implementing

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I think I would actually prefer this to a printed manual :wink:

Printed manuals go out of date and leave the control of the author, can’t be searched and use precious resources!

Just sayin! I know some folks like paper :slight_smile:

@odevices I’d like an account to be able to contribute to the wiki if possible please :slight_smile:

@anon83620728 yeah, at work we have a rule that any documentation that is printed is immediately obsolete BUT as I spend approximately 60-70 mins a day commuting with limited mobile coverage having a PDF manual is very convenient to have (I tend to reread manuals whilst on the train & when I get home get straight into using the things I’ve learnt - stops me getting side tracked if sat in front of my modular)


Hehe yeah - I get it, not going to get all militant about printing things off hehe :smiley:

The good news is that the wiki has a print option!

I use Good Reader on the iPad for manuals, don’t need internet connection, they’re all there whenever I need them - very convenient!

I feel quite differently about books, I tried kindle and iPad, but no, couldn’t get into it, paperbacks all the way for me.

If you want some articles in french, you can also add me to the list.

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Same here !

Count me in if you need any help.

Great idea. I’d be happy to contribute once I get my ER-301 and get familiar with it. In the meantime, I’ll be happy to learn from it.

Snap !!! :smiley_cat:

Accounts for everyone who requested so far should be created now. You should have received an email with your temporary password.


I took the liberty of reproducing the listing of Neil’s Getting Started Videos on the wiki as an example:'s_Getting_Started_Videos

Click on the Edit or View Source link at the top of the page to see how it was formatted using wikitext.

I would be more than happy to contribute to the wiki. I’m just getting started with my ER-301, but I’m coming to it with a fresh perspective and I’m trying to keep notes as I make sense of everything.

is the Wiki offline?

It should be back online now, FWIW

The wiki is decommissioned. Documentation has been migrated to