Inverted envelopes

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I was fiddling around with muting a loop during another samples playback using an inverted adsr with a vca in -n value but didn’t get the eg and vca to do what i’d like it to do. so my humble question is:

what’s the setting in the vca to invert the envelope?

Minus whatever you’re using in the first envelope.

Set the level bias to the maximum desired value and then set the level gain to the negative value that cause the VCA to close to the desired amplitude.

Also, you might be having problems getting it to close all the way, so try putting a Rectify unit after the envelope.


I was having the same hard time to understand this — if i put the vca gain into negative values, the sound does not get quieter, if i offset the signal going into the vca lower, below zero, it doesn’t work either.

I could be both doing this incorrectly, and misunderstanding how it works.

The goal is to get the VCA level to be zero when the envelope is at its climax, not negative. Negative levels will just invert your incoming signal.

So the idea is to bias the level to a positive value so that the inverted envelope will push it down towards zero. This is basic modular technique and not specific to the ER-301 :wink:

I’m not used to vcas that accept negative values, the ones I am using just take the negative range as zero. Something new to play with. Thanks @odevices!

Ah! That is where a Rectifier comes in handy. But you are right I should provide an option to clamp negative values to zero.

The Linear VCA unit is actually what you would call a bipolar linear VCA.

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I have another question, but i’ll make a new thread about it.