Is it just me, or are the emoji lacking something?

I wonder if there is way to replace the default emoji set with something a little bit more useful.

:dancers: :dancers: :dancers: :dancers: :dancers: :dancers: :dancers: :dancers:


(Now back to coding.)

There is!

Yeah, sure no problem!

I never really care about things like emoji, so wasn’t exactly on my radar, but now you’ve brought it up I’ll sort it out.

Please be patient though, I’m just back from Superbooth and have a mountain of things to sort out first :wink:

In the mean time, if anyone would like a particular set adding please post a link.

Or better still, copyright permitting blah blah… please post any emoji as images you would like in this thread along with the keyboard shortcut you would like, avoiding ones already used of course, and I’ll add them in!!



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What is a forum without the dancing bananas???


I use the dancing bananas on Muffs to express the things they do, but I’ve only ever actually used banana cables about three times in my entire life. The emoji do hit the spot regardless though, I totally get what you’re saying :smiley:

I need to write to Mike again anyway so I’ll ask if it’s ok to use them, unless someone can confirm an open source link first.

Nice additions jj.kidder

More please!