Is it now possible to edit samples in the 301?

I think I might have missed it, but is it now possible to edit samples on the 301?

As in destructive editing?

As in any kind of editing. If I record a sample and want to trim it for example

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not yet. This and a file browser to move/delete files and make/edit/move/delete folders would fully eliminate needing to use my computer.


Thanks Neil, I wasn’t sure as I was looking through the feature requests on the Wiki and there was no mention of it!
Must be an oversight though?
Surely it will be possible to use the 301 without having to go back and forth between a computer eventually?

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I hope so!

Me too!

I don’t mind using a computer but sometimes its a bit of a vibe killer if the computer is off and I’m just working with the modular and want to edit a sample.

I wonder if it will be possible eventually?

I recall Brian writing about how his idea for the 301 came about because of wanting to have the digital tools that are only available in a computer available in the modular world.

Recently it seems like the focus and direction of the 301 has headed in more of an emulation of modular and modules that are already available instead of this?

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Woa. Hold on there. I’ve never said this. If that ever becomes the focus of the 301, I will eat all my hats.


Sorry I didn’t write that you said it, it was just my observation and perception on how the 301 has been heading recently with units that are emulating existing modular type modules instead of functionality that isn’t already available in the modular world or only available in a computer.

Not saying that haven’t been any but maybe the balance has gone the other way recently?

I already have great modules in my rack that specialize in being oscillators, filters, wave folders etc… so am less interested in emulations of these and am more interested in seeing functionality from the computer world and other tools that are not available in the modular world available in the 301!


Yeah, me too too!

I firstly got excited about the ER-301 because of @odevices tape music & found sound reference cause I hadn’t found a satisfying solution for this within the modular. Being able to cut recordings and maybe do some simple fades to smooth out starts and ends would be great. That and perhaps some reverb and I would be very happy.

Actually I never thought about deleting recordings by now but a file management system would be pretty nice too of course.

Recently I realized how much of a difference it makes for me to have no computer attached to the modular, even if I only use it to record something. Putting it a bit to the side and sending the screen to sleep already makes such a difference to me.

Really? Most of the updates have been focussed on refining the GUI, stomping out buggies, more extensive routing (custom units, global chains) and usability improvements. Sure there’s been some added units in the more meat & potato category such as additional oscillator waveforms, but that’s never felt like the primary update… more just bonus lego utility pieces. A lot of these basic units have been there since inception.

Using all these simple bits in non-traditional ways to control samples, grains and loopers is where the fun happens :slight_smile:

No need to apologize. Just my hats are at stake here.

There is a story behind each of the updates and in each case the goal is definitely not to emulate an existing module. For example the Fold unit came about because people needed a Rectifier so that they could close their VCAs properly. The Fold unit is just a modulatable version of the Rectifier code. Having low pass and high pass filters just seemed like really basic requirements. The FM/PM updates to the oscillators grew out of code that needed to write anyways for extended sample manipulation and wavetables. It’s the same mechanism :nerd_face:

Rest assured, some form of sample editing as well as the file manager will materialize. In fact the v0.3 release is targeted mostly towards the sampling end of things.


Awesome! Looking forward to the next update!


I hope you will like it :bowing_man:

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I feel slightly responsible for creating a non-sampling vibe with the EVIL TWIN patch me and @Joe did, this definitely took the capabilities of the ER-301 in a synthesis direction, but this has nothing to do with @odevices, @Joe and myself did that of our own volition.

Great to hear more sampling stuff coming :slight_smile:


line level sampling, please :slight_smile:

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I’m excited to hear that there will be more sampling functionality coming in the next update!

I saw a post on Insta today from Rossum showing a feature that has been asked for on here (and probably the old forum as well) quite a while ago, on the forthcoming Assimal8or, which is the abilty to switch different samples with CV.

An interesting comment on this post from Kittyspit was the request to be able to slew / morph between the 2 samples when they are selected, which is a fantastic example of something that hasn’t been done in the modular world yet and not something that is widely available in software samplers either (to the best of my knowledge).

Some sort of morphing sample unit where the digital data that makes up one sample can be morphed into another with the rate set by the user would be intetesting!

These are the sort of fresh ideas that are exciting to me, don’t get me wrong, its good to have the units we have so far and I am looking forward to more innovation (like the manual grains unit for example) with sonic possibilties that are currently unavailable from existing modules and I belive that eventually the 301 will provide these, it’s just a matter of time hopefully!

Looking at the world of CGI for inspiration where fantastic realistic but unreal creations are made and somehow applying that to audio is where things could get interesting!
For example modal synthesis is one area that is touching on this concept, with the abilty to model the properties of an acoustic type instrument but then take it in directions that would be impossible in ‘reality’.
But I guess the reality is that current DSP power is not there yet, maybe in 2030 and with the ER303 powered by a quantum processor this would be possible!


So if Rossum is doing it already, then I shouldn’t, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This one is all done.


Mh, you are right from a not-wanting-to-clone-existing-modules point of view.

But the idea of morphing between two samples sounds pretty exciting…:astonished:

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