Is it possible to adjust volume of individual slices?

I’m triggering drum samples that are slices of a single long audio file. In different playing situations I find myself wanting to adjust volume of slices. Is this possible?

Typically, you would do this with a VCA controlled by another track on your sequencer (i.e. a velocity track). The next level is to add an envelope inside the VCA to further shape the dynamics to your liking.

I was thinking about this-but the way I’m imagining it it would be time dependent not slice dependent by using a sequencer. So like if the snare was on 2 and 4 and I used a sequencer to bring 2 and 4 down then if I switched to something other than the snare, 2 and 4 would now be too quiet… If you are thinking of a different way, then I am all ears!

I wonder if there is some way to do some logic- like “if slice x is triggered, reduce VCA by y”

I would expect your velocity track to be in sync with the slice selection track so that you can adjust levels to your heart’s content.

AH-interesting. no. I use one sequencer that sends CV to select slices and so a second would send CV that would control the VCA. I’m not using MIDI, so no “velocity”.

I’m thinking I must be misunderstanding…to be sure: with you solution, if I was trying to turn down a hot snare and I moved where within the beat the snare happened, I’d need to make a new adjustment on the “velocity” sequencer, correct?

That is correct. And I’m just calling it a velocity track to borrow from MIDI nomenclature, not assuming you are using MIDI. In xox style sequencing, it would be called the accent track I guess. Also, I’m using “track” and not sequencer because some sequencers have multiple tracks.

FYI, if you are open to destructive edits on your sample, in the sample editor, you can select a region and normalize it.

ok-it sounds like we both have thought of that second sequencer solution. I was hoping for another one, but all good.

When I read this I was thinking of a solution that would involve a limiter. If the energy of that snare is obviously higher than the energy throughout the rest of the sample than a single limiter might help somewhat. If the energy of the snare is similar to let’s say that of a bass drum nearby than i would set up a multi band container, where one band is tuned to the frequency range of the snare via a filter and add a limiter in it… depending on the source material this would obviously have more or less limitations to the possibility of taming a certain instrument…

It would be really nice if in a near future we could select/mark the particular sample ( like we do for fading a region ) from a long loop and for example long press on fine/corse and adjust the level at taste ! I really like to use S&H for playing with slices and its impossible to program with a VCA like Brian mentioned because I never know when the S&H will play the “ particular sample “ again

I was looking at the ER-301 Tracker and it looks like under Sampling:

  • drum kit player (i.e. multiple one-shots in parallel)

Not sure how @odevices plans on implementing this exciting feature but maybe there might be addressable/routable outs (for example: 4 outs per sampler that are summed but tappable for additional routing?) Not sure if that is within the signal flow paradigm of the ER-301 though.