Is it worth buying a spare ER-301 CPU board?

Given the continual supply constraints and component shortages, do you think its worth me buying a spare Olimex CPU board for my ER-301?

Or does @odevices keep plenty in stock in case of disasters? I’m pretty careful with my ER-301, but it does get moved from case to case fairly regularly, and I don’t want to fry it and be stuck for spares. I’ve recently read from other manufactures that key chips are simply unobtainable, so if a module dies that could be it.

FYI, I do not have any stock.

Enough said.

I think I’ll reach out to my fellow Australian ER-301 owners and suggest a group buy.

Now that I’m thinking of this too, I looked for the AM3352-SOM from Olimex at Mouser here in the U.S. and they don’t have any stock. I found variants at different suppliers but not this specific part number. Anyone have a lead on where to find a board?

Are we starting to see these fail due to mean-time-to-failure type scenarios?

Or is it just that in an unfortunate power incident, this is likely what gets damaged and is user replacable?

Just to clarify, my question was in no way in response to any perceived failures out there. It arose in relation to this discussion over on monome’s lines forum:

Also, I’ll be out performing live again before too long - with my ER-301 doing a lot of heavy lifting - and felt it was prudent to make sure I had some kind of spares in case of disaster.


Just bought one board straight from Olimex. They only have the industrial one available now(just handles more heat otherwise the same), it’s only 3€ more.

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Is there an fgpa in the er301 or am I totally remembering that incorrectly?

No FPGAs were harmed in the production of the ER-301.