Is the er-101/102 ok for someone like me?

hello all.

i can’t stop listening to this caterina barbieri album. i’ve gotten pretty close to the modular phase/slowly unfolding/steve reich style of composition using a digitakt and the endorphin shuttle control, but i also am in love with my er-301 and my verbos harmonic osc and really think i’d just die if i got an er-101/102 combo. or i’d hate it because you have to program things in quite differently than i’m use to doing things. also i don’t have music theory knowledge, meaning i look at scales on my wall before making things in my rene, metropolis, voltage block, digitakt.
i don’t really need another sequencer, but i keep having these long form ideas i wish to emulate. plus GAS jeez what the hell. i got an offer for a cheap pair, and i’m seriously considering it. i’ve never jelled with the voltage block/varigate and i can easily use the digitakt to do what they do.

any thoughts? i’m pretty tactile, generally, with my modular stuff but i’m also wishing to grow and learn to create melodies in a linear fashion.

thanks everyone.


Whenever I post things like this it usually means I already made my mind up :smile:

If you have the opportunity I say take it! If you’re getting a good deal you can always pass them on if you don’t get on with them.


I love that album too.

I’ve contemplated getting the 101/102 combo and almost did it, but decided to stick with my monome equipment.

Anyways, I think the programming of the 101 wouldn’t be that hard at all if you have the 102 since you can step record.


can you step record from inputting notes one at a time on say, a qunexus?

Pretty sure you can - I don’t have one but I read the manual quite a bit at one point.

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i answered my own question with this wonderful video…


(expect steve reich ripoffs soon)


I hope you enjoy your time with them. Steve Reich never gets old (for me at least) so please do share when you have a moment!

Repeat after me: The ER-101/102 is not just for sequencing pitch. The ER-101/102 is not just for sequencing pitch. :laughing:


i’m really looking forward to sequencing more than pitch. my metropolis truly came alive for me when i started using it on drums. :slight_smile:

I’m imagining happiness is sequencing Pamela’s fingers on Octal VC Switch’s triggers.

<3 reading the manuals a bunch!


One of the many things I like about there ER101 is having the two CV A & B & gate - this allows a lot more interesting sequences to be made e.g. oscillator pitch and filter envelope amplitude which is a very obvious example but can really bring a dull repeating sequence to life… I also use a ER101/102 for percussion sequencing …

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well, here’s my first stab at the 101. 3 tracks on some ‘piano phasin’ vibez. [two u_braids/one telharmonic]
hope you like! i love programming this friggin thing. its super meditative, weirdly. :slight_smile:


I hope no one minds my hijacking this thread. The title fits with my own questions, and I would love to benefit from @jonsimon’s initial ponderings about the ER-101, and his experience with finally going through with a purchase :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of getting an ER-101 to replace my Squarp Pyramid. I’ve been trying to ditch my Pyramid for a while now, but it’s hard since it can do so many things, and no other machine seems to replace the full feature set of the Pyramid, even though I hardly scratch the surface of all those features, and I hardly use it, since I’m too lazy to hook it up to my modular, and figure out the right MIDI settings for the FH-1 and so forth and so forth. Anyway, one thing the Pyramid excels at is polyphonic sequencing and the ease of programming chords and arps with programmable MIDI effects. If I am not mistaken, that would be hard to replicate with an ER-101, correct? I’m going through the manual at the moment, but in the meantime, don’t hold back cheering me on to buy another piece of gear.

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I believe this is a tough mission! I can’t remember who did it but someone here did, might be worth a search.

Anyway, for chords I have tried a whole variety of things and been frustrated with them all, 4MS SMR - amazing, but unwieldy, any of the chord modules like Chord Organ, Rings etc… great but ultimately not very flexible, at least not easily anyway, I’ve also tried programming chords using multi-channel sequencers and that’s just hard work and not that much fun. I did have some success using the ER-301 to map the chords, but again, it’s a lot of work!

But now… I am totally in love with Argos Bleak - at first I looked at it and thought why the hell would I want that??? But I trust Scott and rate his modules as some of the very best available, despite the quirks and arcane ‘features’ they are sources of endless joy! So… I ordered it, it took about 5 minutes after making my first patch with it to be utterly blown away - it’s magic!

This is not my video, but will give you some idea:

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Well that one was not on my radar in any case :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip. It looks really interesting, but wouldn’t replace Pyramid not by a long shot. But I guess no single module would, except Squarp Hermod probably :thinking:

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Haha nope, I have similar mental wranglings with the Octatrack. I have completely stopped using the audio side of it now, but the midi side of it is very hard to let go!

edit: I actually have it up for sale, but no-one biting!

well buddy. good luck finding the sequencer for you. the wonder and frustration with modular is that you will be in love with 2-5 sequencers for different reasons. the metropolis, rene, and digitakt with a shuttle control have been my favorites.
the er101/102 is too hefty to review so far, but i will say there is nothing else remotely like it. the copy and paste functions are so fun but i’m confused a lot. need another manual reread (#3 or 4 now) because i know now enough to destroy things i love. need to stop doing that haha. but shit is fun. so fun, and so musical. everything i had feared about it hasn’t become reality so so far so good!

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Yeah I figured that. I think I will just crank up my love for the Pyramid. Get it out a little more. No other sequencer is so complete, especially not in eurorack format. Maybe I’ll get another eurorack sequencer as a complement rather than a replacement. Isn’t that always the answer…?

I’m interested in your choice of the Digitakt as a sequencer. I had one for a day or day and sent it back, but I didn’t try the sequencing too much.

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Keep us posted about your experiences though!