Is there such a thing?

hi there.
my er301 shipped yesterday, and as i’m sitting here getting hella excited, i’m also wondering a few things:

-i read somewhere that there might be (soon) a way of sharing presets/custom units. is this still happening, and if not, is it still on the way?

-is the SDK still going to be shared, and if so, when?

i’m super into the idea of custom units, etc. i’m just wondering about when you save a big crazy “patch”, how do you make sense of it when recalling it, i.e. you have a lot of ins and outs there and how do you remember what needs to be plugged in where?

again, i don’t even have he 301 yet, just was wondering some things. thank you.

yeah, this is very doable and occasionally even happening :slight_smile: ponder around in the forum, you’ll find a few. [quote=“jonsimon, post:1, topic:519”]
-is the SDK still going to be shared, and if so, when?
to my knowledge – yes, this will happen sometime, too. i think there’s no date or anything announced – recall having read, that @odevices wants to push the firmware a little ahead, first.

happy that someone addresses this – think this may deserve a thread of it’s own, actually. i was thinking about the same thing repeatedly.

currently, i’m using a little book (as in: paper :)) to write everything down. i have an index with preset/instrument-names pointing to pages in this book – and on these pages i note which inlets do what for this instrument; what kind of instrument it is and so on. the ER is really like … endless modules in one. and obviously, for each of these modules you’ll have different controls. silently i’m hoping that @odevices might find a smart way of implementing a sort of patching-notes-function for instruments, but i wouldn’t have a clue as for a smart layout due to the small-ish screen and the kind-of fiddly “keyboard” :slight_smile:

edit: well, heheh … just found this: Quicksave memo

Heh. Well, I’ll be damned – seems like the ER-301 is very much like modular :slight_smile: