Is this possible? 'Master modulation oscillator'

So I am just putting together some manual grain presets and for these I would like to use the same internal sawtooth osc to trigger all of them instead of having to use a separate one for each Manual grain unit and saving some of the CPU power in the process.

Is it possible to have one master Modulation oscillator which I can then route to all of the trigger controls of all of my separate manual grains units?

The only way I have worked out to do it so far is by putting the master modulation oscillator on channel 3 and then routing the output into the manual grain units trigger in, but I would rather use this output for a sound and not use it if there is another way?

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be ace thanks!

You are looking for Global Chains. :smile_cat:

To create your global chain:

  1. Go over to admin>>Global Chains
  2. Create a mono chain and call it something like ‘clock’
  3. Insert an oscillator unit

Everywhere in your patch that requires this clock:

  1. Go into the source selector
  2. Hit S1 until Globals is highlighted
  3. Choose the ‘clock’ source that you created above.

Awesome! Thanks Brian:wink: