Issue: Clock doesn't always work

Hey Brian,
I have a BPM clock on OUT4. I notice that a lot of times it just doesn’t output. The red light to the left of the grey square is flashing, but the chain doesn’t show an output and there is nothing coming out of Out4. If I load the same thing in to OUT3 it works fine. Sometimes it works fine but other times it just doesn’t work-even if I recreate it. Is this a known bug?

What I found is that if I load a quicksave that has the clock on out3 or out4 then those clocks don’t output anything. Even if deleting and loading the clocks it’s like the channel thinks the clock is still there. I fould if I create a stereo channel with out3 and out4 and then break it back in to Mono then I can load the clock again.

Forgive me if I’m misreading but it sounds like channel 4 may be muted. If you hold shift and press the grey button by channel 4 the flashing red light should not be blinking and you should get a signal out again.

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That’s exactly it! Very sorry-I guess that it loaded muted for some reason. Thank you!

Great! I ran into the same thing pretty consistently with channel 4 muting on boot up and was reloading the units until a pal pointed out mutes.
I’m glad it worked out!

Quicksaves loading with channel 4 muted is a known bug with v0.4.11. Will be fixed soon.