Issue tuning oscillators and default pitch?

Tonight I noticed that it was difficult to tune oscillators correctly. I used a Qunexus CV into different inputs and tried several firmwares.

  1. Oscillators seem to be tuned to a low A (27.50 hz) for the lowest pitch at 0 volts in, which seemed odd. I expected it to be a C note (32.70 hz) so the notes map out correctly using my Qunexus.
  2. When I plug the Qunexus CV into the ER-301 and then assign it, the oscillator jumps about 17-20 cents in pitch. I tested the Qunexus with a multimeter and it is correctly outputting 0v in the lowest octave, 1v at the next C notes, etc, so I am fairly confident it is not the Quexus.

I realize that I can fine tune this a little using the control shown in the assignment window for the CV signal to v/octave, but that seemed odd to me.

Does anybody have similar experiences? Am I missing something?

A is a pretty traditional tuning reference. So the lack of standards within Euro is one issue you’ve run into. (QN 0v c vs. OD 0v a.)

Also plugging in a cable changes its resistance (hence the pitch jump) which is a foible in modular in general. I always tune my oscillators plugged into the source they’ll be controlled by.


Ok, I sort of figured that after I posted this, but it’s good to have confirmation.

Looks like we need a setting for the 0V is A and 0V is C camps.


i’d loooove that, too!

i’ve had some struggles with this, too. i am wondering - is the pitch jump / resistance consistent throughout a whole system? … so, can i reliably tune my oscs by ear / to oneanother without later having different pitches for the same notes?

Unfortunately no.

It depends on the ratio of input vs output impedances which vary quite a bit from jack to jack due to differences in circuit design.

ah, well… i can live with that :slight_smile:
thanks brian!

I’m really glad someone has put this phenomena into words… I have long maintained that I find it utterly pointless trying to ‘tune my system’ as it all depends on the moment and what’s going on and I find it much more fun, even if it results in things that don’t work sometimes, to just go with it and tune by ear for each application.

That’s not to say I don’t tune anything, of course I do, but my approach is inherently patch based, not system based. I know some folks go crazy over this… each to their own :wink:

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Yeah, this has perplexed me with different modules, but if I recall, Mutable Instruments modules seem to handle the offset and are tuned to C when you lower the pitch/frequency knob or center it (thinking of Rings and Clouds specifically). I could be recalling incorrectly though about the pitch calibration.

For a while, quantizers confused me until I realized that the root is based on the octaves at 0,1,2,etc.

The 1V/oct “standard” does not encode pitch information. It encodes transposition information (i.e. intervals between pitches). So 0V only means “do not transpose”, 1V only means “transpose up one octave”, -1V only means “transpose down an octave” and so on.

Coming to modular with the expectation that 0V will always be C or any other pitch consistently will cause you frustration.

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I like your idea about assignable default pitch. But rather than global, maybe it should be per patch in case one is using different controllers into different patches.

Edit: While I’m making the request, not limiting it to C or A would probably be nice. :smile_cat:

I know this is an old thread, But I am trying to find this info. was there ever a default adjustment option created? I would prefer my osc all default to c being 0v as well.

not yet, i think

yeah for now I just saved presets.

+1 to this. I was also wondering why my tunings seemed a lil funky and a c=0v setting would be great!

While I totally understand that modular freedom implies that 0V can be any pitch, I also find it odd that oscillators default to A. The first thing I always do when inserting an oscillator is change f to 32.703Hz. Would it be possible to either:

  1. Have a way to save a default preset that would make a fresh inserted oscillator come up with f=32.703Hz
  2. Oscillators to be modified on the system level to default to f=32.703Hz (since this would only apply to newly inserted oscillators, it would be 100% backwards compatible).

Maybe there’s a better way to go about this, maybe it’s already possible (on 0.4.20 here).

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Not available yet, but default values for unit controls is already on the feature request list.


Ok, thanks! Would be great!

isn’t it quicker to just put a bias of 3.00 to the tune parameter? better than fiddling with decimals in the frequency parameter imho. or am i missing something?