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Issues with step record and firmware update



I checked your SD card files and everything looks OK there. I just now watched the second video and there is clearly something wrong with your PUNCH button (which would also explain why you are unable to go into firmware update mode). Can you take your ER-102 out of the case and check the following…


i checked the nut and its is really tight for sure, also the boards look properly mated. it is weird because i never had an issue with the punch button before i updated the er101 to v2.09


Thank you for the picture. Your connectors do look properly mated.

Does pressing the PUNCH button reliably toggle the REC LED on and off?


Just checked it in all record modes and it does not toggle the led off, it stays constantly on.


Let’s try the diagnostic mode then.

  1. Turn off your modular.
  2. While holding down the INVERT and ROTATE buttons, turn the modular back on.
  3. The ER-102 should briefly show the word “TEST” and then show all LEDs flashing.
  4. Press (in any order) each of the 10 buttons on the ER-102 once, making sure that each time you press a new button that the PART number decrements and the GROUP number increments.
  5. After pressing all 10 of the buttons, the GROUP display should show the number 10. If it is not 10 then make note of any buttons that did not cause the value to increment.


Did and i got to 9. the punch in (record) button did not make it count up to 10.


So it seems we have confirmed that your PUNCH button is not working any more. Unfortunately, this would be the first time I have ever heard of something like this happening on an ER-102. Could you send your ER-102 to me for diagnosis and repairs?


sure, i live in Nagoya so it shouldn‘t be too long or costly to send it to you. What is the address i should send it to? Should I also send my er101 just incase (since the duration wasn’t working correctly in step mode)?


Nagoya! That also never happens. :smile:

I’ll PM you the necessary info.


just to let everyone know i sent my ER101 and ER102 back to get repairs and it took less than 4 days to get it back fully functional. OD has amazing customer service and i just wanted to give a shout out. Going to post this on muff also to spread the OD love.