It's a firmware upgrade question

hi :slight_smile: I haven’t been doing forum activities recently, but I’m upgrading my firmware after seeing the update of firmware version 0.6 or higher.

I proceed with the upgrade and reboot from 0.427 version.
It lasts more than 3 minutes like the image I attached.
Does firmware upgrade usually take a lot of time?

It is your first boot into v0.6, and the ER-301 is trying to create folder structures on the FRONT card. Just reboot it again and see if it works the 2nd time. Your FRONT SD card might need defragmenting. You will also need to install the v0.6 firmware one more time to get the core/teletype packages installed.

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Thank you for your reply.
I turned it on again, but it’s the same situation. How should I proceed with the next step? :slight_smile:

I would check your front SD card for errors using your computer. And delete the ER-301/v0.6 folder while you are at it.

Thank you. Shall we turn off the power and disconnect the front SD card and connect it to the computer?

Yes it is ok to power off.

Yes, I turned off the power and connected the front SD card to my MacBook. :slight_smile:

That v0.6.14 firmware folder is probably confusing the ER-301. Delete or move it and in the future do not to create folders inside the ER-301 folder.

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Thank you. I’ll delete the folder and install it!

Perfect !! :slight_smile:

As you said, I confirmed that the i2c item has disappeared. Do I need to install 0.6v firmware one more time like 0.6.14v firmware?

Or should I install 0.6.14v one more time?!


Thank You :slight_smile:
The upgrade is completely completed !

Thank you for helping me. The upgrade is completely finished, and I am looking for i2c settings to connect my 16n. Where should I set up the i2c after 0.6v? :slight_smile:

In the Package Manager, highlight the teletype package and press config (M6):

thank you so much :slight_smile: