I've started a new video series on the ER-101 & 102

Hey all,

I’ve long been a fan of Neil’s videos on the 301 and have seen a number of requests for something similar for the 101/102. I’m a big fan of the 101/102 combo and some of the advanced things you can do with them, but some of that stuff is pretty hard to understand at first, or at least it seems that way to me. So I wanted to make a video series to fully explain the whole thing and all the stuff it can do in a clear a way as possible. I’ve made the first video, and here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iwjg_0rpgg

Please let me know what you think and what you might want to see in future videos. Thanks! I’m new on the forum too so also do let me know if I’m doing anything wrong.



Welcome to the forum – and thanks a lot for taking the time to produce this video series! I’m also pretty new to the ER-101/102 and I couldn’t agree more that more tutorial videos about it would help people understand why this sequencer is so special.

How often are you planning to release new episodes? It might be helpful to post the topic of the next upcoming video each time before you shoot it, so people here could tell you where they were struggling to understand certain features or overlooked important information. I could definitely report some things I only understood very late.

Looking forward to the next episodes!

Looks great! :star_struck:

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How often are you planning to release new episodes?

I was hoping to do one every few days, but it might end up being one a week or something like that.

I think the suggestion of mentioning what is coming up next is a good one. I wanted to start without an exact plan on where I was going because I’ve never done this before and figured the plan would probably end up changing as I went. But mentioning at the end of each one where I’m planning to go to next sounds like the way to go, thanks for the suggestion :smiley: .

I would definitely appreciate people telling me anything that didn’t fully come over the first time — looking at this first video I can already see bits I skipped over that I would rather have fully explained. So probably the next one is going to be going over the basics in details again to get them fully bedded in.

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Many thanks! Like I’ve commented on the video itself, you are totally my inspiration here. Any suggestions or criticisms absolutely welcome.

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Just do your thing! :slight_smile:

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Alright! I’m pumped! Next video should be very soon :smiley:

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I kind of liked the car alarm and the hustle to turn off the delay. Dealing with off-script events on the camera reminds me of Neil’s off-the-cuff style which keeps a nice conversational vibe. So keep that!

I guess duck out the non-vocals while you are talking using side-chaining?

Really I’m just glad people are still talking about the ER-101/102! :blush:


I’m really honoured you like it :smiley: :blush:

The car alarms and other noises from outside will definitely have to stay for a bit as I don’t have any easy way of dulling them, but the other sound issues I’m hoping to do better with. I was really surprised that FCPX didn’t have a auto-duck or side chain compressor, so I’d be interested in hearing what people use for that.

Thanks so much for bringing us these awesome devices, I hope I can do them justice in the videos.

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Awesome video! Looking forward to the series :+1:

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Excellent video, Thanks for the time you put into it, looking forward to the rest.

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thanks for this! very helpful. Looking fwd to more.

@odevices - this series would be great to link to on the wiki! :slight_smile:


great, thanks! i would recommend using a more classic subtractive voice so the gate - duration relationship gets more clear (using envelope with sustain and vca). since SonicVoltage made quite a detailed video series about the sequencer i would love to see the more esoteric stuff the er101/102 can do, for example explaining the config.ini file, looking at midi, setup with four different clocks, creating your own tables, going through the record functions etc etc
keep up the good work :+1:


yeah id love to see some more of the esoteric stuff down the line too! Midi and different clocks would be great to cover. I love my ER101/102! Thanks for taking the time to do these videos, I’m sure i will learn some things i have overlooked.

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Second video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUcQHjhmEyk

I hear you about the esoteric stuff, will definitely get there. I think it is a good idea to firmly cover the basics first though, so no one gets lost on the way.

@kilchhofer already decided to do this before I saw your comment — let me know what you think of the sound in the new video.


Please turn off auto-focus on the next video :slight_smile:

Love that you are doing these! Great job on getting the cables out of the way.

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Darn that autofocus! Must remember for next one.

Thanks for the suggestions and I’m really glad you like the series so far :blush:


That was a lot of inadvertent double button presses :thinking: Do you have your ER-101 updated to v2.09 which fixes a button debouncing problem (when using the ER-102)?

It is a great module combo! Even though I don’t have them I’m a big fan.