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I've started a new video series on the ER-101 & 102



@odevices I was wondering about that debouncing issue as I filmed it (you can hear me considering it at one point). But oddly the unit I’ve been using for the videos is on 2.09, and the one to the right of it is still on 2.08. However it seems to be the one on 2.09 I have the double press issues on.

I’ve also noticed I can’t hit the start and end buttons at the same time on the 2.09 device, which I had been in the habit of.

So yeah not entirely sure what is going on there.


@titanlegions On the topic of button presses: When you start from scratch you don’t have to create a pattern first, that happens automatically when you create the first step. Just a minor thing.

Thanks again for doing this. Looking forward to the next one!


Great !! Thanks !!!


Well done - great to have more informative videos on OD devices


Next video is going to have to wait a few days as I’ve had to leave the modular with the guys making the new case so they get the specs right, bit nerve racking. Should have it back in a week.


One of the things I absolutely love about the 101 is how you can set the duration and gate length separately for each step. It blows my mind how something so awesome isn’t like a given on all sequencers.


sometimes I have the feeling we not even have started really talking about. It will take me decades to master this sequencer.


Sorry for the fairly long delay, but the next video is finally here :slight_smile:


Sweet. Gonna dig this today :+1:


What happened to you @titanlegions…you came on with such enthusiasm?


Unfortunately I was in hospital for a week with a chest infection, which has somewhat slowed me down. Mostly recovered now.

I’m currently working on the next video, but also I’ve made it a bit more ambitious so it’s taking a bit longer. Hope I’m not losing peoples interest.


absolutely not!


Thanks man, glad to hear that :blush:

Hopefully I’ll have the next video ready during next week. I’d finish it over the weekend but alas have prior commitments. But will get there soon.


Hopefully I’ll have the next video ready during next week.

So alas it was not to be, due to various factors, not least of which I have a cough that won’t go away. Just thought I’d let people know video is still coming but not exactly sure when. I’m gigging all weekend unfortunately so won’t be able to continue work on it until next week now.