Jan Jelinek using an ER-301 live!

Just saw this pop up on Youtube.

Jan Jelinek sporting an ER-301. What a legend that guy is. Incredible producer. :slight_smile:


So cool. Probably my favorite artist altogether.
Seems he uses his eurorack more of a effects and mixing machine?


Nice. I didn’t know him actually :neutral_face: I’m a never ending newbie

Also cool to see the Octatrack company in the performance. I’m on the fence about trading my Analog Rytm for an Octatrack at the moment!


Ah, consider yourself lucky! You’re in for a treat. :slight_smile: His “Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records” is phenomenal, as is Kosmischer Pitch and Tierbeobachtungen (I might have spelled that wrong). He also records under the name Farben and a few other I forget. Incredibly musical yet experimental approach to all his work. He made this record with a jazz band from France (I think they’re French anyway) as well, Triosk, which is just brilliant. :slight_smile:


Is there a contact mic attached to the plastic handle of the Intellijel case ? He seems to play with that during the first minutes of the video… Or just tapping some kind of rhythm, I don’t know… Just wondering… :wink:

Or some kind of sensor controlling the feedback loop ?

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From a live set he performed in nyc last month… unbranded octa


Thanks for posting this photo. I’m still trying to know what’s on the handle of the case, if it is just a piece of gaffer tape or if there’s something under (contact mic or sensor) :smile:

At least we can see all the modules with this photo :slight_smile:

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Jan was tapping the black cable hanging over the edge of the case in upper left (round pad to short patch cable) Looked to be a simple finger voltage input along the lines of these: https://www.landscape.fm/allflesh


Oh I see, thanks :slight_smile: I should get some of these Allflesh, seems like a great way to interact with the Modular !

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