Jitter sub chain

yesterday i was making a custom poly synth unit based on 4 grain stretch units with custom local linear controls to change speed, duration and jitter of all the 4 units in same time :nerd_face:
But wasn’t able to add a sub chain to jitter parameter… then i sent a PM to @Joe and asked if i was doing something wrong.
Maybe @odevices can implement a sub chain for Jitter parameter in a future update?

In addition to the convenience of being able to control the jitter of several units from a single local there are some interesting sonic possibilities modulating this parameter.
Very userful to smooth out the metallic character as was made for
but also it become amazing effect when in the top of the range!!

this module it’s really incredible, i feel very comfortable and relaxed when operating it

Thanks a lot

maybe was already told. Custom controls name doesn’t update when changed, it must be re assigned in order to be able to see new name

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I sure can :wink:

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Thanks a lot!
you are the Number One :point_right: