Just a proposition - er 101,5

Just a proposition for 101/2 expantion. Do nice buttons idk, but maybe they let you toggle between trakcs 1-4 5-8 or 1-2 2-3 3-4 5-6 7-8 for live play (so your knob gets restricted) or some other function - help me think of something :slight_smile:


this would be rad.

That would be fantastic!!!

Yes please :smiley:

We can dream hey!

I wonder if the ER101 has enough juice to handle this…

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Ideally, it would be cool if the extender modules had guts to help with the processing, and also if it could be possible to link a bunch of these to continue expanding up to a certain point. Maybe 16 tracks or something.

Hey we can dream right?



Personally I’m not interested in more tracks, but if we can dream: I would pay for a Do Nice Undo button.

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I know with the math button, you can hold invert and do the inverse operation of what you just did. Maybe you could hold invert and then press delete and at least get your last action undone? The would assume the 101 is still holding what you deleted in memory though…

I dunno if i needed additional tracks, unless it was primarily for trigger/gate sequencing. there’s plenty of cv tracks as there is imo.

I dream of an expander where you can sequence the parts on the er-102 into full songs :slight_smile:


If there ever was an mk2 of the 102, using the same communication as the Teletype to pipe over CV, gate (or both) of all track CV directly into the 301 would be pretty badass and create a super-unified system without the cable spaghetti.