Just got my 301

Hello everyone just received my ER-301 today and was wondering if anyone could give me some insight to the pros and cons of 48kHz firmware vs 96kHz? I tried searching the forum (maybe not deep enough) for an explanation but haven’t quite found an answer yet. If I somehow missed a thread can someone post a link?

Obviously one is going to be heavier on the cpu but I just need a little insight. Thanks

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My understanding is that the 96k version has lower latency than the standard 48k version, though not as low as the new 0.4.x 48k low latency firmware.

I think you would mostly want 96k if you’re going to be doing audio rate modulation (e.g. FM) at rates where aliasing becomes an issue.

If you don’t know, I’d recommend starting with the 48k firmware and switch to 96k only after you’ve identified an issue you think 96k might solve, as 48k is easier on the cpu.

Congrats on your ER-301 and welcome!

Ps - it is super easy to switch back and forth so it’s not like you’re locked into one or the other.


There is also this entry in the FAQ:



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Thanks Brian I had just found that after posting this. I flagged this for removal haha. Sorry to waste time here