Kanonika 0.1 - Analog Shift Register 3 voice synth FIRST TEST

hello 301ers :slight_smile: i had this idea before even getting the 301 itself, i wanted to port my stupid 3 voice synth with integrated ASR from Reaktor to Er-301, and i did it :slight_smile:
as i still have to work out how to build a proper custom unit for now i leave just the mixer channel preset unit and the quicksave which i think will contain the global chains as well.
please try it and tell me if i’ve missed something in the basic functionality.
how it works is really easy. 3 global chains:

  1. one s&h unit taking input from A1 and gate from G1 (with a micro delay after the gate input set to about 9 ms)
  2. second s&h unit taking input from global chain 1 (s&h1) and gate from G1 but with a shorter delay (about 6ms)
  3. third s&h unit taking input from global chain 2 (s&h2) and gate from G1 with only 4ms of delay.

the difference in gate delay times ensures that the bucket brigade sampling system doesn’t get stuck on resampling contemporarily the same value.

then i just added three saw osc with envelope controlling internal level, some filters and panned them. i will work more on it encapsulating in a proper custom unit with logical controls and some fx.
here the files

mixer channel unit preset:
Kanonika0.1.lua (53.2 KB)

Q01.lua (104.6 KB)


“Stupid synth” seems like fighting words :thinking:

Will try it soon, thanks so much for sharing! :slight_smile:

hehehe i mean i’m no clever programmer i only know the basics, the reaktor version of kanonika is almost all done in primary level and consists of very simple blocks.
thanks in advance for feedback!!!

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here it is, driven by a single channel of quantermain (turing machine mode), a lil reverb by oliverb:


Hehe :slight_smile: Yes, sorry, was just joking!

EDIT: The sample sounds fantastic.

thanks mate, the cool thing about doing it in the 301 is that we can swap oscillators with samples or with other, more complex voices :slight_smile:

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@hyena This is really great, thanks for posting - i’m a big fan of Keith Whitman asr and generators stuff - so was trying (and failing) to do something similar. As soon as I saw how you worked the global chain it fell into place.

I modified your patch to become completely self generating - using 3 sine waves instead of saw’s, removed the cv / gate, filters and added noise generated sample and holds mixed with an lfo and quantized and offset the pitch cv. Heres a demo


wow,great! glad to have inspired! i’m at work in school now but will listen when back home!
me too i took it some steps further with additional compositional tools i will gladly share.
here’s one of the results:

it is a private share.
here the internal asr was complicated by additional sample & hold and clock dividers able to pick up notes from the main sequence, hold em for extended lengths hence building a more complex harmonic structure


really beautiful!!! thanks for sharing!

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wow really loved this

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Thanks - there’s a track here using that patch - I’ve changed it a few times but the core ASR is there. https://soundcloud.com/mudlogger/broken-memory


Took two hours to patch a simple vco last night. Still not quite fluent with the concept! However, soon as I have the ‘eureka’ moment then I’m gonna have a crack at your complex voice. Sounds interesting :+1:

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