Kanonika 0.1 - new fw 0.4.xx version

hey everybody, as anticipated i finally started working on the “analog” shift register custom unit.
i chose the format of a 4 bands unit preset rather than the CU, given that we can now edit controls on every unit.
i’ll be listening to your feedback, maybe there’s some reason i overlooked for which it might be better to use the CU format instead of 4bands unit preset.
SO, this is the unit, you have to place it in the sd card under:
kanonika 0.1.unit (43.3 KB)
-gate set it to your gate input (here it is g1 by default, you can change it)
-pitch in set it to your cv input (here it is a1 by default, you can change it) keep in mind you can use this to offset the band 1 pitch AND the overall pitch, as this will be resampled by the other bands
-pitch 2,3,4 don’t change the assignment, this is the heart of the analog shift register machine. you can still offset them, they are cascaded so if you offset pitch 2 it will affect also 3 and 4 but if you offset just 4 it will only affect itself
-pan 1,2,3,4 set the pan for each of the bands!


keep in mind there in a Scale Quantizer inside Pitch in , so you can go in and choose your favourite scale. by default it is set to Pentatonic minor (pentatonic scales work really good with analog shift registers, less dissonances)

in this version i populated the unit with 4 varispeed sample players (just put a c tuned sample of whatever you want into each player and you are good to go)
keep in mind you can use whatever sound producing unit you might prefer BUT you will have to relink your parameters in this way:
each v/oct might be linked to the s&h under the relative band’s pitch
(band 1: pitch in/s&h, band 2: pitch 2/s&h, band 3: pitch3/s&h, band 4: pitch4/s&h)
you have to set your gates linked to the master GATE (and put a slight delay after each gate. i use microdelay, and start with a 5ms delay on the 4th unit just to be sure the gate always arrives AFTER the cv has changed, then it will be 6ms on the third band’s gate, 7ms on the 2nd band’s gate and finally 8ms on the first band’s gate. check the structure of my unit to fully grasp the concept).


up and running with 4 varispeed players and a sequence going it runs at 24% cpu, without effects or additional chains.
not bad.

i will add additional s&h and dividers to complete my asr based compositional tool in the near future.

any feedback is welcome, especially about how to somehow explicit the scale quantizer in the controls.

@odevices it might be great if we could port the Scale Quantizer interface as Custom control anyhow :slight_smile: