Kilchhofer - The Book Room

Hey fellow OD users, my LP The Book Room is out now.

Since i stopped sequencing with a DAW the ER101/102 became the fundament of all my music,
so i hope this doesn’t come across as shameless advertisment only… :innocent:

Honest Jon’s


After listening to the first few tracks I can tell I’m really going to enjoy the whole thing. :slight_smile:

If you aren’t selling ER101/102s, don’t see how it can be shameless. It’s a great advertisement for them though!!

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Yes! :heart_eyes:

1 hour and 14 minutes of Kilchhofer too! (Dersu was only 40 mins which was my only “complaint”.)


yay! happy to support and love your sound!

Really enjoying this, wow

“Chogal” was spectacular. Excellent work.

EDIT: Okay, this album is straight-up awesome.

thank you all!

Lovely work @kilchhofer

My initial listen interrupted by running outside to see that my unsocialised working dog was not eating a neighbour’s lapdog, but once I worked that out settled in to enjoy delightful, delightfully melodic work. (actually on a relisten I still can’t work out if that’s a dog or a kitten in Anzu)

It certainly is an advertisement for capacities of the ER101/102, but of your own sophistication and skill as well.

Awesome! I have your dersu on vinyl and love it can’t wait for this.

Would love to see how you go about your er101/102 programming for us lowly noobs to learn a thing or 2!

thanks @sixnon, it’s a young golden eagle in anzu!
and thanks @kaines, happy to hear that you listen to vinyl! i’m not good at gear demonstration and a firm believer of the figure-out-while-doing method :slight_smile: one favorite method however is the recording of manually tapped rhythms into the er101, go outside a rigid grid!

Well fancy that! I knew something was other than I initially imagined, but my thoughts didn’t go to golden eagles, that’s for sure :astonished:

Your shameless advertising worked :grin: Purchased!

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Just wanted to say that tonight was the first chance I had to really sit down and listen to this album in detail and it is gorgeous!

Such wonderful patching, with lovely melodies and just the right amounts of saturation, and percussion and tones, well done, it really is something special and very inspiring!

So much of it almost sounds physically modeled, right on the edge of acoustic and synthetic, I would really love to hear more about your process!

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thank you, that’s very nice of you to say.
physical modelling is indeed my favorite synthesis method outside of the analog modular synth world.
i always try to find these “familiar” tones, both in modular and in software, to then use them in a uncanny valley way…the process is modular multitrack combined with madrona labs aalto and kaivo, played with the soundplane, sometimes i call a drummer for live percussion.

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here are some tracks in full length posted by blogs etc:

“‘The Book Room’, Kilchhofer’s new collection of modular synth jams,
takes us through dreamy panoramas of tropical exotica, alpine warmth
and moonlit glades with plenty of highlights to spare along the way.
Over a monolithic 74 minutes and 20 songs, this ecocentric debut album
demands an immersive, uninterrupted listen.”
inverted audio

“There’s something earthen and organic about Kilchhofer’s detailed soundscapes,
underpinned by a wriggling, almost tribal-influenced rhythm.”
resident advisor

“‘Skimo’ is the first taste of Kilchhofer’s forthcoming debut full-length, The Book Room,
and follows a deliriously good run of EPs. It’s loping tearjerker of a track,
with breathy analog tones gently pealing over shuffling African-influenced percussion.
Electronic music rarely sounds quite so sincere and so human.”
fact magazine

This is interesting. Would you mind elaborating a little? Do you mean that you tap in the rhythm using the er102 in record mode?

Ahhh…i thought i heard the sounds of Kaivo in there, but thought I must have misheard because I assumed all modular. Love the timbres which come from that software.


yes, i often tap in rhythms by hand through the er102, mostly with the peak&hold module. this module allows me to record also the peak&hold out, eg the velocity of the hit, since the er101 doesn’t record different gate or trigger voltages, only lengths…anyway, the peak and hold also has an audio output and now with the er301 i sometimes record the audio of a drummer and at the same time have the corresponding triggers recorded into the 102, quite nice for layering afterwards.


Ooh, that looks like a nice module (the peak&hold). I have a few different modules that I could patch program to do some of what it does, but the the P&H’s density per HP is pretty impressive!

I’ll have to give kaivo another look now that I have a beefier laptop, my previous one didn’t handle the load very well!

Just took a listen- very nice work! Your sound has a great aesthetic. Thank you for being inspiring!

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