Knob cosmetic repair

So I bought my 301 second-hand (don’t hate me Brian) and I was not aware, but there’s a scratch on the top of the knob. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but how would I go about repairing that?

Haha but just in case you are serious, I appreciate a vibrant and healthy second hand market. It increases the likelihood that a given module will find a happy home and reduces the risk of buyer’s regret. Of course, the lack of history has the potential to make diagnosis of problems more difficult but I try to deal with that case-by-case.

So, in your case:

  • Ask a metal shop to re-anodize it for you.
  • Try polishing the scratched area with a tiny bit of car wax. If it is a very light scuff, then a very tiny bit of baby oil could work.
  • Ask me to buy a replacement for $10.

Or, you could put a single large adhesive googly eye on the knob, something I have done (at a smaller scale) to modular knobs For Reasons.