Knobcon 6 Sighting

So far, one ER301 sighting at Knobcon 2017, and about 7 “ooh you made those videos and I ordered one.”. Woohoo! :hugs:



Stopping through at some point tomorrow/today/Sunday - never been and looking forward to checking it out!

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Hehe are you counting the number of ER-301s you’ve encouraged folks to buy? I think you’re probably responsible for considerably more than me although I reckon I’ve ‘sold’ at least 5!

I can’t for the life of me figure out module makers who don’t take any steps to get video of their modules available. MFB, it seems, is notorious. I’m not going to buy pretty much any module without demos.

Which is to say, you guys have done a stellar job at street-teaming the 301 - so cool to let people really get to know the details.

I don’t believe you :smirk_cat: I bet you can make at least few good guesses.

Yeah, lots of people see it as a sampler only, I keep having the same conversation over and over again, the misconceptions surrounding the ER-301 are fast becoming legendary! It’s almost like those of us in the know are part of some secret cult or something :fearful:

Heh :slight_smile: sure, module makers are (and for the most part ought to be) very busy making the actual modules. And videos are not their core competence. But making a vid showcasing the central features (like your nice 301 overview) is not insurmountable. And at the very least, it’s pretty easy to find great YouTubers who are willing to dig into a module on camera, possibly just by sending them the module.

I’d say it’s a prerequisite to make one proper video of a module (or have people make it), and the potential benefits for sales are huge. And sales keep companies in the business of making modules.

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Lol, I’ve only managed 1 confirmed ER301 purchase and that’s not including my own purchases :wink:

Hehe… pass the kool-aid…

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The crazy sauce

I was one of the seven, haha! :smile:

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I think I have sold one even before I ordered mine. :smiley:

neil, i ordered one directly cuz of you haha.

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I got one mainly because of baddcr over at Muffs who told me about it when I was looking for a powerful digital oscillator there.

Should be getting the shipping notification for mine soon and I can’t wait!

And Neil, thank you a ton for the videos!


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