Knowing where inputs are assigned

Having been recently doing lots of “speed patching” with the ER-301, when comes the time to re-organize inputs in a logical (to me anyway) way, i am often left unsure if a CV i am about to move from say input B3 to D1 was modulating something somewhere that i overlooked. So i try to keep track on my paper notes, but still.

Would it be a good idea to have somewhere the ability to display a sort of summary of input assignments ? It feels right to me, but i cannot see how it can be done in a useful way. Or maybe if somehow from this list we could teletransport directly to the unit parameter modulated by the input ? I don’t know.
For now i end up (using global units to easily reassign/recondition incoming CV) with a global chain list that spans several screens ^^’

On a side note (similar situation), the sample menu indicates how many units use the sample, which is useful, but it it would allow to visit which of those ten loopers are working with it, that would (maybe) help.


I think the issue of some sort of “global” map, or view of various input/patching points had been discussed at some point. I am not sure if the idea moved forward in any particular way.

I do agree that it is sometimes (most of the time) difficult (nearly impossible in fact) for me to remember what controls what in various units/scenes. Having some way of tracking the input assignments would be super useful and meaningful in user experience.

My reference was the “map” screen on op-1 providing a single visual of the signal flow.

I realize that er-301 is far more complex, and that Brian is not interested in emulating already existing solutions. But I am bringing this up because it helps to imagine a variety of approaches to this task.
However the specifics might work, some view of all input assignments would be important.

(As I am writing this, I am fully aware, that there might already be something like this implemented, and it simply eluded me to this point! Despite of using er-301 daily I am certain there are things there eI am yet to discover! :slight_smile:)


Glad to know I’m not the only one. I thought it was just me :blush: I don’t really have any coherent solutions in mind (in fact I thought the only solution was indeed paper notes, as there is so much external relationship to other modules as well as internal patching), but I thought the extended scope view which is in the works is intended to address some of this?


I’m on board here too, and meant to bring this up while I was getting my recent live set together. If there was an easily-accessible “global input map” listing the routing of all inputs, that would be super helpful–especially when building more complex patches!


+1 here