Krell patching

Since I’ve fallen behind on keeping up with ER-301 evolution, I’m just gonna have to ask some naive questions to get some traction going again.

If I wanted to patch something like this:

(Diagram is from Behold the Ancient Krell – Manual Synthesis ~ )

What would you recommend for source of randomness and for something that works like an EOC gate?

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I’ve been thinking about the same thing. Haven’t tried it yet but I assume the bump scanner would be the logical choice.

for random you can sample and hold white noise. should we have a comparator unit for eoc? :thinking:

Hmm. How would this work?

Triggered with a clock, or… ?

trigger = get a random voltage. (pure white noise is total randomness)

for more continuous modulation maybe a slew limiter afterwards?

Yes, I’m aware. Sorry, my question wasn’t very clear. I’ll ask again with more words: What would you image a good trigger source to be in this situation?

good question and one I can’t answer because I’m not sure what random x modulation here means exactly… need that krell lesson myself :slight_smile:

thanks for the inspiration! I fear though it’s one of things being way more fun to patch and wiggle with actual modules. not many direct offsets here… maybe when the faderbank arrives :slight_smile:

Have you looked at this thread?

Yes. I had a bit of a hard time following the signal flow (a problem I have with many complex patches created by other people for ER-301). I kinda got the impression that perhaps a global chain containing an ADSR envelope is modulating itself?

I thought I’d ask for some English language description before I dived deeper into that patch and inevitably diagrammed it out in order to grok the flow, but that’ll be my next step I suppose.

Right - understandable. :slight_smile: Me too sometimes. It is probably simpler to achieve now anyway.

For a random trigger, go to a global chain and do velvet noise–>recitifier (positive half) → skewed sine envelope. You can set the frequency on the velvet noise nice and low for Krell type stuff. Try using that to trigger your main amp vca envelope back on the channel chain as a start.

Since there is no EOC trigger on an envelope and not a very good way to route it if there were right now, you could use this exact same global chain to trigger the other S&Hs that are triggered by the EOC trigger in the diagram above. You could use the micro delay (udelay) unit on the main amplitude VCA env if you needed a very small amount of time to allow the other parameters to get set. I think this would work.

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Thanks Joe! I’m looking forward to trying this.

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Q01.lua (32.0 KB)


That random trigger trick is really useful, thanks again!