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Krokuspuls - 4 voice glitchy drum kit

So first “custom unit” from me. It’s probably a mess, and quite a CPU hog. 4 drums (ish) basically, all with some glitchy characteristics. All made with the internal oscillators and modulators. The controls are quite simple for each drum, inspired by mudlogger’s excellent custom units.

Requires - Joe’s Custom Units ‘Accents’ (even this latest one, the rotary speaker thing released today, October 2nd)
Made on 4.25 stable firmware, so quite possible that you’ll need that too.

Usage: It’s meant for stereo use, so load it on a stereo channel. The four “drums” all react to gates received on the gate inputs (so G1, G2, G3 and G4). I’ve also mapped the A-D inputs for external modulation.

Here’s a short sound demo:

Hopefully you can just load up the chain file and things should be working. Let me know if they’re not. :slight_smile:

And the chain file:

krokuspuls.chain (90.5 KB)


The demo sounds cool. Looking forward to a chance to play it for myself!

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Cheers, Joe! It’s a bit limited, but there’s some useful sounds in there. :slight_smile: I think I’ll explore more of these, making of small drum like kits that can be triggered with external gates. :slight_smile:

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