Kyma-like units/processes?

Hi everyone,

I know that Kyma is a very specific and specialised tool for sound design and that it requires its own hardware to run, but I’m wondering, can ER-301 do some of the things Kyma does? Looking for sound design processes, such as the one on the video below:


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I’ve never used Kyma but I believe this sound is mostly just slowing down a recording of a hairdryer (say to 10%-20% of original speed) and then putting it through a comb filter (i.e. a very short delay with feedback) for that metallic edge. Then he mapped a few parameters to a gesture controller. All of these things are possible in the modular world, you probably don’t even need the ER-301 but you can use it for that of course.


This great unit by @Zeta is close:


Whoa! That thing is sick. Great job @Zeta! Thanks @Garz!


Stumbled across Krotos Audio Reformer Pro, I take it similar things could be achieved with ER-301? Thoughts?

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Not a chance, sorry. I tried in Kyma and Reaktor… It surveys a database that comprehends volume and spectra information of each of the samples and then stitches similar content together to match the incoming input.
It’s a very ingenious plugin and I use it now and again for creature movements mostly. Really useful for things like that! :slight_smile:

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Oh, interesting. So I take it that’s the database of its own stock sounds, and then it does the same analysis of the sounds imported?

Yes it does!

Damn, that’s one cool plugin. Thanks for posting. :slight_smile: