Lack of visual feedback...Mordax DATA?

Yesterday I had an Eureka moment lol and thought about it: adding the Mordax to see gates from ER 101so I can have visual feedbacks of the pattern.

Anyone does it? :yum:

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Sounds brilliant - I never thought of that! :woman_student::+1:

What I do from time to time is patching the gate outs via something like an envelope follower into a VCA though to get some kind of acoustic feedback of the pattern. Works nicely too…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t use it specifically with the ER-101 (since I don’t have one) but in general I love having the visuals of a scope on my modular. Lends to understanding, sometimes new ideas, but even if not it’s a nice light show. :slight_smile: I’m up to 3 scopes between the DATA, a Rigol digital, and the scope on the ER-301.

The nice thing about the DATA is that it’s so easy to patch it in with its built in buffered multis. And it has some extra modes to help justify the HP space. Just note that you can only use one mode at a time. IE if you’re using the scope you can’t also use the clock source/divider mode.

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