Ladder Filter as Kick Drum

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but it works exactly as you would hope and sounds great!

Add a Ladder Filter unit with an ADSR envelope on the v/oct input

Add a Linear VCA with an ADSR envelope inside

Both envelopes should have a short attack and 220ms is a nice starting point for the release.

Crank the resonance right up on the Ladder Filter unit, turn the v/oct right down and…

…trigger both envelopes at the same time from wherever you like and adjust to taste - super simple but endless kick drum variance!

An EQ after the filter can help tame some of the higher frequencies.

It really is very nice indeed :slight_smile:


Here’s a custom unit with some half reasonable controls, they are just offsets so if you want to control from elsewhere then just delete and assign the input :slight_smile:

Enjoy! (1.9 KB)

Edit - I forgot to say you need to send it a gate of about 90ms, I used a Tap Tempo unit :slight_smile:

Edit 2 - With current OS 0.2.13 you also need to feed the filter some noise to get it going!

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I’m not getting any sound out of it. I loaded a custom unit, then loaded this preset into the custom unit, and put and then assigned an external trigger to the custom control called “Gate”. What am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Seems like the gate control is activating the right units, but the ladder filter just isn’t producing any noise. Do I need to fire some white noise at it for a split second just to activate the self-oscillations? or should the gate be enough to do it?

Ahh yes - I think @odevices mentioned this the other day!! I started with a sine then deleted it and forgot!! Sorry :slight_smile:

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Yep, added white noise unit right in front of the ladder filter and then immediately deleted it, and, presto!

You are right, this does making a pretty convincing kick sound with a ton of timbral variety. I like what you’ve done with the custom controls - that makes it really easy to dial in! Brilliant!

Hehe yeah! Sounds ace huh :smiley:

Until I made this I had somehow missed that the inputs for the custom unit controls were chains in their own right, maybe that’s a new thing? I admit I can’t keep up with this any more, there are other things on my mind and the number of possibilities has increased massively since we started and it now feels like there’s a universe to explore!!

I think what Neil did with the mixer with aux sends is really revealing just how powerful this system has become already - global chains are massive - I feel like anything is possible!

Anyway, it is really easy to create any custom control with an offset - it makes the whole UI much more friendly I think :slight_smile:

For sure. Now that the custom controls can be named too, I feel like that’s especially powerful. You can share a custom unit with me, and I don’t necessarily have to care about the “guts” of it. If you’ve named the controls intuitively, and exposed the relevant ones (like you’ve done here), I can just load it up and start using it for what you’ve designed it for.

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Today i did a nice kick with a sin osc, in place of the Ladder filter.
I didn’t like the env which wasn’t at my taste.
So i record an env made with a control forge with a loop recorder and i replay it with a sample player in the tzfm of my sin.
I don’t need any VCA and it’s perfect for me. (133.0 KB)

You have here a .lua file wich is a mixer and a .wav you have to put in the good directory the rec one.

Kel, i can’t do anything with your BD, nothing happens when i try to load it in an out, perhaps is it 96 khz.

Edit : the first time i upload a wrong file

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Yeah - when the preset sharing features are implemented this is going to get crazy!!

This one is totally self contained though as it doesn’t use any samples so was easy :slight_smile:

@Patatelemage see the note about about having to feed it some noise :slight_smile:

No Kel that’s not my problem, the .lua file give me nothing at all on the ER301. an empty track.

Oh I see…

It’s a custom unit, so on your empty track create a new custom unit and then go to it’s menu and load the bass-drum.lua

Oh thanks

Cool - glad you’re sorted!!

As mentioned above, we’ve talked about preset sharing before and @odevices has it on the list of things to sort out properly - it will get better!!

I tested it, very nice.
I don’t understand how you obtained this snappy env, i have to look in detail into it.
I was not able to obtain that this afternoon, and hop, tonight you give it to me.

It’s kind of a trick because you’re modulating pitch a lot on the filter - if you dig down you will find two envelopes, one for the VCA for the overall sound and one for the filter to push the v/oct up really high for a few ms - this gives it the clicky sound :wink:

I understand now, good idea.
The default is it answer badly to a long gate or a short trig because of the ADSR wich are used.
Thats why i go to the solution with a sample.
Perhaps a good idea should be to mix the two, an AD for the VCA and the snappy adsr for the frequency.

I think the ADSR unit is very snappy, well, it’s what’s being used here :wink:

As far as I understand it, it’s not always the envelope that is completely responsible for how snappy a sound feels, it strongly depends on the sound source too and probably other things as well!

I am interested to see how you formed the envelope in the control forge and the time values you used - can you take screen photo of it or something? Did you use exponential curves?

If you have a control forge i give you the values.
It’s a three segment one
The first segment is : 0.0002s Expo7 +5V
The second is : 0.5s Expo7 0V ( that’s what i can’t achieve with an env follower on the ER301, cause the decay is linear )
At the end of the second i have a trig ( this one i use to stop the recording on the ER301 )
The third is 0.0001s 0V ( it’s there for the trig to exist at the end of the second segment )

I see, well, the good news is that you can totally have exponential envelopes in the ER-301, here’s how:

Create a global chain - this is where your envelope will live so call it snappy (with a hopeful heart) or whatever you like :slight_smile:

Set the Attack, Decay Sustain and and Release portions as close as you can get to what you want.

Set the input for the Decay portion to be the output of your ‘snappy’ chain

This feedback from the output of your envelope will turn the linear progression into exponential progression.

Depending on whether you give it positive or negative feedback you will get a slow start quick finish (Exponential) or a quick start slow finish (Logarithmic) behaviour - I think I got those the right way round :slight_smile:

You can apply the feedback at all four stages of the envelope if you like - it works a charm!

Finally, route the output of the snappy chain anywhere you want to use it in your system,


Very intersting, i have seen all the videos but i haven’t memorize all the possibilities in particular this way a global chain can affect itself.
So i tried to obtain the same kick i’ve done with the CF but i failed to.
I obtain nice thing but the problem is that if i use an ADSR or an envellope follower as a global chain, the two have a sustain phase, I can’t have pure AD as with a sampler.
I try with the smaller trig Pamela’s workout or maths give me but it’s still too long.