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Late ER-101 reset from Beatstep Pro


Hi Joe - I tested using BSP’s track 1 for the reset pulse to the ER-101, but there was no difference - the ER-101 still lags by a 16th note, i.e. 1 clock pulse.

To confirm, I don’t have this problem when clocking and resetting the RYO Penta sequencer or the Ladik S-180 sequencer.

I’ve reported the problem to the Arturia tech support team, and they’ve (not unreasonably) asked if I have this problem with other sequencers. I can guess their reaction when I tell them that its not a problem when driving these other sequencers from the BSP.


i owned the BSP then sold it after realizing it was totally unreliable in live situations where the electrical mains aren’t perfect (which is often the case in underground venues, squatts, free parties).
i also remember that the cv outs always lagged compared to the gate out so, example, on my ornament & crime i always had to set a trigger delay of about 2-4 ms in order to have the pitch changes in time with the gates.
that doesn’t say anything of the gates out timing but surely says that in general the timing on the BSP is far from perfect.


I guess we can prove this out. Looks like Brian’s definition of tight is a little stricter than Arturia’s. :slight_smile: Blue is the Beatstep Pro clock and yellow is gate 1 output firing on beat 1. Looks like it’s delayed ~850 usec from the clock, or ~350 usec too late for the ER-101 to consider resetting on that clock pulse.


Thanks joe for that analysis. It seems to explain the problem.

Brian - is there any chance that the window can be enlarged a little please?


Thank you for the scope measurements, Joe! Did you by any chance take note of the amount of jitter?


I will consider it for the next release. It’s unfortunate though because the correct solution is for Arturia to get their reset pulse closer to their own clock. It would be so easy for them and improve performance overall.


Thanks Brian. I understand and I don’t disagree with your response. I’ve sent Joe’s scope photo to Arturia tech support for their comments.


Hey Brian, I think you mean jitter on the clock signal, right? Here is another screen print. I’m not sure this if this is the correct way to measure jitter. If not and you want to point me in another direction, happy to try to get the measurement. This is with BSP tempo set to 120 BPM and the clock out set to 24ppqn.


Ok - I too can repeat the issue @MickG is seeing with my ER101 and Beatstep Pro.

I’m a beta tester for Arturia, I’ll highlight this thread so they can see the finer details.


I don’t have a 101 (so what am I doing here? Waiting for my take away, that’s what) but I thought it might be worth mentioning that I find my BSP a LOT tighter in timing when it’s synced to a decent analog clock. Not midi, not USB, not internal… maybe it helps, maybe it doesnt. Cheers!


Thanks for your input, polycorn.

The problem I’m having is with ER-101 reset from the BSP, not timing, but it’s interesting to read about your timing issues. I’ll run some timing checks on my system.


Hi Brain,

Here’s the response I got from tech support at Arturia regarding Beatstep Pro and the lag between the clock and the first gate pulse on bar 1, beat 1- it’s not very impressive…

I can confirm after investigating this that there’s between 400 and 800 usec of delay between the clock pulse and the first Drum gate.

Unfortunately as this is related to the architecture of the device it won’t be possible to change this behavior from our side. Sorry about that.


Understood. I’m going to implement this as a CONFIG.INI parameter (i.e. reset-slop-time-us = 500) for the ER-102.


Thanks Brian. I appreciate your efforts in compensating for the deficiencies in manufacturer’s product.