Leaving ER-301 On Extensively

Is it a bad idea to leave my ER-301 on for an extensive amount of time, my worry comes after seeing an over-heating issue messing up a screen on this forum-- how long do you leave your ER-301 for? I tend to leave my modular rig running for hours on end (4-5 hours roughly) and I haven’t had an issue yet, is this a bad habit I shouldn’t do?

Mine has been often on for 12 hours a day over the previous 15 months and I’ve not had any problems.

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i think like any electronics, if you have ventilation and it’s not in a room that’s hot, you’ll be ok!

I leave my modular on for weeks at a time.

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I had the 6x ER-301 in my test batch on continuously for a full month with no problems. That being said, all electronics have a finite lifetime (typical culprits are screens, electrolytic capacitors and CPUs). So if it isn’t necessary, I would turn it off. If you are in the middle of something and don’t want to turn your modular off for a few nights then I see no problem with that.

It did? :thinking: First time that I have heard of this.

With mine, I’ve actually found that the audio engine craps out after leaving it on for more than a day or so. Resetting the audio engine doesn’t seem to fix it, needs to be a power cycle. I’ve lost a few patches due to this.

For data collection purposes, may I ask how you are powering the ER-301 and next time it happens can you record it (both internally and externally) for me please.