Lemur Control of ER-301

I decided I’d capture a video with a demo and some reflections about my recent project, both to solidify what I’d learned in my mind, and to share with the community. It’s all about extensive control over the ER-301’s parameters using a Lemur template.

Hope you enjoy.


Awesome :smiley:

To get another 16 controls page your Lemur template and switch presets on the SC, repeat until you fill all 16 presets on the SC.

It may even be possible to automatically switch the SC preset from the page swap on the Lemur template?

I have the same setup: Lemur > SC > ER-301 - some of the Lemur presets are extraordinary, loads of fun to be had.

Good point about the 128 values in MIDI, we could really do with finding a way to get OSC into the ER-301!

One way to overcome the resolution problem would be to dedicate two inputs for the control of a single parameter and then mix the incoming signals using mixer units.

You would have one control for a coarse setting and then another one for fine grain control.

The coarse input would have enough gain to cover the full range of the parameter on the ER-301, the fine input would be attenuated so the entire range of 128 would only work over a much smaller division of the full range.

It might take some experimentation to get the balance right!

Edit: it may even pay to have three controls, the same principle could be applied repeatedly until you had enough!

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

So you might have lost me a little bit here.

I can see where this might work pretty well if you wanted to map the same 301 parameter to a more than one Lemur control. Say, a for example you wanted to map a VCA level to both a fader with Lemur physics applied to it, and another fader without any physics. In that use case this is a great trick - hadn’t thought of it!

But if I wanted to control a 17th parameter… the 17th Lemur control is still corresponding to one of those same 16 outs, which is still physically cabled to the same IN on the 301, which is still assigned to the same parameter as a control on page 1. So I’d actually have to move a cable to control a 17th parameter with the Lemur template, right? That might lose a big part of the convenience factor in this use case. Or am I missing part of the magic trick?

Ahhhhh… No you’re right… there would need to be some way to swap the inputs over on the ER-301 too!!


Maybe there is a way… but I can’t think of it now!

Of course a direct MIDI USB in to the 301, if that happens sometime down the road, would pretty much remove all those limitations. :slight_smile:

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Indeed - maybe one day :slight_smile:

I don;t see any reason (other than time and effort of course) why a preset system for controls couldn’t be implemented at some stage.

I really can’t think of away around it as it is!

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Nor can I. But like I said, if you carefully pick and choose what to control with this vs. an analog offset or just using the 301’s UI - it is still a great deal of control.

One other observation I forgot to note. And it’s just a personal thing. I kind of hate the radial encoders/knobs on the glass. My next template will probably be all faders (or maybe X/Y controllers).

Given it’s really late and I’ve already made one mistake in this thread already hehe…

Can you change the behaviour of the radials to be linear so you just move your finger up and down instead of round and round? I seem to remember it’s a setting in there somewhere…

I’ve seen that in other iOS apps but I haven’t found it in Lemur. That’s ok, other apps don’t let you define your own control surface. There are plenty of controls to choose from. :slight_smile:

Is it ‘mode’? Says in the manual the possible values are polar or linear.

Yeah, you got it! It’s actually now a switch on the individual control itself that’s labeled “Polar”. (Perhaps a manual vs. app version conflict?) If you unselect that, then vertical movement controls the knob!

I’ve been looking for it in global settings - turns out it’s per control!

Cool! There are some differences between the iOS and desktop versions.

I really like the physics modelling, haven’t played with that for a while.

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I’m surprised that Shuttle Control users are not clamoring for OSC support!

:older_woman::older_man: MIDI.

:robot::robot: OSC.


It’s a very good point!!

I’ll have a chat to Andreas about it, see what he says :slight_smile:

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OSC is vastly superior but the industry doesn’t seem to be taking to it too well. Search for MIDI controller and you’ll find hundreds of products. Search for OSC controller and you’ll find the KMI QuNeo and a couple of digital mixers with some support for it.

This looks like a nice development for the SC and Lemur:



i was very sad today when i downloaded lemur on my 2017 ipad pro and it won’t work. tried everything. lemur hasn’t been updated since 2015. sadness.
on the brighter side, fugue machine and patterning saved the day.

I heard this somewhere else too!

Please do message Nick at Liine - Lemur is still an active project as far as I am aware.

Ugh. I hope that gets sorted. Lemur is one of those 'reasons to get an iPad ’ apps.

Patterning is pretty spectacular. Just curious- did you use Patterning to control your modular? I have not used it that way yet. Just standalone with the included sample sets.