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Les Bains Douches

Ciao, I thought I’d share a simple custom source unit called Les Bains Douches which is a synth with some stereo FX characteristics.
You can watch a preview here:

Another audio sample (high stereo) with some random melody from Malekko Voltage Block here:

Download Here: Les Bains Douches.zip (11.8 KB)

The unite requires a @NeilParfitt custom effect M/S Encoder & Decoder Processing Unit (ms-tweak.unit )
which I have included in the zip file for convenience. The unit would be placed in : /ER-301/firmware version/presets/custom-effect

Usage NOTES:
This must be loaded on a stereo-linked channel (es. 1+2).
A1: v/oct IN
B1: Envelope /Modulation IN

Spunk + Grit: The combination of the two parameters adds a kind of very subtle Lo-Fi effect.
Reverb: Adds a lush reverb from early room reflections to far away infinite space.
Stereo: Enhancing the Spatial Resolution of Stereo Images. (1)

All FX including reverb come from the ER-301.

Inside the MIX1 there is a Sine VCO. Entering in v/OCT parameter you will find a Scale Quantizer.
In the clip i used a miracle31s scale generated by scale software that you can download at this url.

(If you can’t find this scale, as you like the sound result of the clip, give me a sign and I upload it to this repository). Feel free to try different unconventional scales for less obvious results.

UPDATE: Download Miracle scale here: miracle31s.scl.zip (892 Bytes)

NOTE (1): With high levels of STEREO parameter, fat and rounded harmonically rich tones are sent into the delay line in the Mid/Side chain, and saturation is more present. This is naturally a deliberate behavior. However, it is not ideal to take it to the maximum. The signal is likely to be clean and audible, but may have some unpredictable side effects especially when played on mono systems (inversion or phase attenuation etc).

CPU around 50% but it is advisable to use in the studio for synth voice sound design.
Hope you Enjoy :wink:


Ciao Emiliano.
from what i can hear and see from the demo this is just brilliant!
thank you.

is there any particular reason you’re still working on 0.4 firmware
(e.g. the last 0.5 might lower the cpu stress, not to mention other more recent features
which i’d love to combine your fantastic unit with. more importantly, i probably just can’t introduce
your work in my current patches. i’d need to switch firmware which would arguably be
easy enough, but i’d need to make a patch from scratch just for that… and i won’t be able
to translate certain patch techniques that i am currently enjoying so much)

Hi:) thanks for nice word.
I confirm that at the moment I am working on firmware 05.03 (unstable). I just changed the path on the notes. It was a typo that I mistakenly copied.

let me know if it’s all fine…

This sounds really lovely! Thanks for sharing :blush:

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Thanks :blush:

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Wow! This sounds great. That’s the best reverb sound I’ve heard coming out of the ER-301 yet. Great work, and thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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great work! really luvely sounds!

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Grazie Giona :heart:

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Sounds great! Lots of character. Nice work!

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Thanks Joe :smile: